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Dusk Quill

Head Reviewer:

Official Reviewer:

I will be adding stories to the folders soon! I've been looking to help start up writers! So the folders will be filling up soon!

I will be either messaging new writers and getting their stories, or put new stories in the review folder. There will be a couple of guidlines for reviewing in this group:

1. It must be longer than 200 words.
2. It must have value.
3. It must have a tag in it that links back to this group.
4. Make it helpful.
5. NO SLAMMING!! If caught slamming, I will ban you from this group and report you to Knighty. We can't be victims.
6. Review was much as possible, and once the story has been review, move it to the "It's been Review Folder" and place your name somewhere on it!

That's really all for reviewing.

We will edit anything you want us to edit! It's our goal on the site to provide editors to people in need. We will make sure that you get an editor that is as high quality and as quick as possible.

Please feel free to message us if you want to have a fic edited or reviewed. We will pre-read, as well and give you commentary on your fic. So don't be shy! We will not slam, rip, or destroy your fic, but will provide constructive advice on how to improve the quality of your writing. Join us!

Also, please if you are not a moderator or admin, please ask SilverTongue123 before reviewing the fic. It's just for safety.

There are a couple rules I want to set forward:
1. There will be no tolerance for slamming a writer.

2. Any story put on the page will not be touched unless told to do so, or if you are contacted by an Admin (Dusk Quill, EternalShadow54, AncientLionturtle, Appletini, or myself)

3. We will not review/edit/anything regarding Clopfics. I respect my admins views on it so if you want me to review it independently, please just message me, Dusk Quill, or Eternalshadow54.

4. If you need help with a co-author, you can contact any one of the admins. Go to the Co-author needed folder, place your fic in it, and post a thread about it.

5. The group will need members, so if you have anyone you know of who loves editing, or may need a little nudge, please send them our way.

6. We will be working with other groups, so if our editors are swamped, I will recommend you to close friends of mine.

We will be as supportive as possible! So please don't be afraid of the group! I have talked to each admin and know some pretty well. These guys are not going to provide bad/demeaning/unhelpful commentary. Some of these admins are the reason why my stories have taken off. So place your trust in us!

Moderator positions will be open as soon as we get at least 15 members. Contact me if you would like a position, as there will be an application process for it.

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Hi am looking for a fic of mine to be edited I have a hard time with grammar so I really need the help Please message me when you get the chance https://www.fimfiction.net/story/355597/spread-your-wings

Comment posted by Lucia Vampire deleted Aug 4th, 2013

hello, I am looking for an editor for my story Spike the Knight, the story is done and almost half of it is proofread, but I am sill missing an editor, PM if anyone wants to help.
Also my other story Back from the North is a lot shorter and only two chapters away from completion.
Hope you enjoy either one of them (or both) :pinkiehappy:

hello I'm looking for an editor for my story Shape Shifter
My 2 year absence from writing anything more than a program has severely degraded my English.
I'm looking for someone to look over what i have already posted and to help me with further releases.

Hello Im looking for a long term story and grammer editor. Someone who can question me and help me to become a better writer. One with a backbone. Hope to hear from someone.:pinkiehappy:

Can anyone edit for me if so message me please!

I just wrote my first story and still very new to this site and how it works. I really need my story edited. i have no idea how to send my story to this group but would like your group to edit my story. i am very open to ideas and edits as long as the main story plot is kept. the title is good deeds and friendship are rewarded. please let me know how i can send it to your group for review and editing. Thank you for your time

Sorry for not being on, you can send the fic to me if you would like!

I finally fixed up my fan fic. I found a copy of Microsoft Word Starter and fixed it up from there. :3

No problem, I think someone already added your fic to it.

Why can't I add a story to a folder? It won't let me. :fluttercry:

Here it is though.

OK. So I finally got the story I'd been working on published. (It's here if you would like to check it out. The Terrible, Wonderful Secret of Zap Apple Jam)
I'll finally go ahead and snag one of these other stories to start editing so I can feel like I'm actually contributing. :twilightsheepish:

Hey Silver. How's the progress on my story's review? I did some changes to the writing style.:twilightsmile:

Well, hope you like what you have heard/seen from us!:pinkiehappy:

296284My friend, Rid del the pony, told me about you guys and asked if it was okay with me if he recommended me to you guys, but then he said that I should actually see for myself.:trollestia:

I just added your fic to our review folder. One of our reviewers will probably swing by and grab one this week.

Hahaha, well let me add them to the review folders real fast and we will try and get them done.:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Just a quick question,
Where did you hear about us?

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