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Too lazy right now :/ Later lol


Rated teen for mild language, adult themes, and because of an extremely paranoid author.

"Tank has always wanted to be a pony. So have the other pets, secretly. Well, his wish comes true."

What would you do if your pets suddenly turned into a pony and could talk to you? Be friends with them? Cherish and love them? What if that love went from friendly to... something more?

Story is better than summary! (At least I tried >.<)

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Ha ha, Winona. :rainbowlaugh:

All right, this looks to be interesting.


How much do people get payed to do this?

I like the characterization you've given everybody, tracked.

So when is there next chapter? (looks like it will be f:twilightsmile:un)


Heh, yeah ^_^ In my head, Winona is like Pinkie Pie and Jessie from Toy Story lol

But thanks :) I try my hardest! I hope you continued to like the story :)


I really don't know when the next chapter will be up. I try to have speedy updates, but you know how life is :pinkiecrazy:

Bleh... Go punch life in the face and tell it to get the hell out of your way! Rawr!

Uhmm... anyways... Following! I like the idea of this very much, sorta reminds me of Fluttershy's Bad Hare Day a little bit, just just a teeny tiny bit! Can't wait to read more.. Because I must have more, and you must write more or alot of people will be very very sad. :raritywink:


Meh, I could. But you know how trying to punch abstract things go! They always manage to get away from me... :pinkiecrazy:

And surprisingly, I had the idea before Fluttershy's Bad Hare Day. But when I saw it and I was like "OMG PEOPLE WOULD READ IT?!?" since it was popular, y'know? So I decided I could write it and see where it leads me :derpytongue2:

I WILL write more lol. Y'all just gotta give me some time (not like you have a choice) :ajsmug:


Stalking.. Obsession...

all to well, all to well.....:applejackconfused:


Calvin Klein...

You know, I should be screaming from the rooftops about there being ANOTHER Rainbow ship fic. However, the whole time I was reading this I couldn't stop smiling. There's a lot of D'AWW to be had here. Tracking. :pinkiesmile:


Daw, thanks :) I try my best. And I won't make it like a typical Rainbow ship! Or, at least, I'll try :pinkiehappy:


Well, it is a ship with Tank.:rainbowlaugh:

I was scared you wouldn't contiue for a bit.. You realize now, that many of us demand more.

Also I loved it! Can't wait for Gummy and Pinkie or Fluttershy and Angel.. Somthing tells me Opal is going to be a bit of a pain in the flank to rarity now that they can communicate clearly :unsuresweetie:


Dang, sorry to keep y'all waiting. I can see why bronies should love me, what with my amazing author skillz :ajsmug:

No, really. Why you like so much?? :rainbowhuh: This is just a hobby and I usually never post a second chapter but I saw that this has no dislikes and was like "What the hell?" So yeah...

But thank you for the support :yay: Exactly how many are... "us"?

Oh, I feel terrible. The next chapter- since it is going to explain how all of the pets' owners react- is going to take FOREVER to write! :fluttershbad: Y'all can wait, right? :fluttershysad:

Adorable! The part with Tank was funny, but Winona nearly made me break. She's exactly as I pictured as a pony :rainbowwild:
Can't wait for Angel and Gummy <D
Hey, maybe you could add Philomina later on :raritywink:


Yesterday I watched the episode where she and AJ rounded up the cattle and stuff. SHE'S SO ENERGETIC AND CUTE AND FUN AND OMG :pinkiehappy: Hehe, thank you :rainbowkiss: Angel and Gummy will both be in the next chapter (which may have a slight delay since the outline for it is SO FREAKIN HUGE :pinkiegasp: )

I don't really have Philomina penciled in on my outline. Maybe I'll add a bonus chapter :raritywink:

693969 Yeah, it's why I love Border Collies :heart:


I'm getting one soon!! :pinkiehappy: I'M SO HAPPY!!!!!!

694053 :pinkiegasp:
You lucky *****! I want one so much, but my folks probably won't lemme have it, at least until our cats pass away :applecry:


I'm sorry! :fluttercry: But THAT'S why you never go for the cat. It'll come back to bite you on the flank.

I sense the party to end all parties and a twilight freakout, furthermore I sense a very pissed off white stallion/bunny hybrid mix creature thing...dabuq?:rainbowhuh:

Us as in your new family, now write for us, bring joy and happiness to your new brothers and sisters, we've been waiting for quite some time for you to come around. :pinkiecrazy:

Well, it's great that you did Tank and Winona first. I loved their personalities. I can't wait to see how Gummy acts or when he finds out he now has teeth. As for Angel and Opal...well that's gonna be FUCKING HILARIOUS, :rainbowlaugh: because Angel is abusive and Opal is more abrasive than steel wool. I do wonder if Pee Wee would be a dragon younger than Spike since all the pet's seem to mimic their owners.


I'll get stright to it, dear stlker. You will just have to wait a while for the new chapter since it's so long :twilightblush: Sorry!


Awww.. Fine! It'll probably be worth the wait anyways :twilightsmile:


I did them first because the story's gonna be centered around Tank, and Winona as a secondary. The others' experiences are put in there mostly because of demand, but dont worry. They'll still rock :rainbowdetermined2:

Um, about Pee Wee. I hadn't really planned anything or him, or Philomina- as I had stated in an earlier reply. But I will add in a bonus chapter about it if demand for it goes up :scootangel: (The story actually takes place only a couple of weeks after May the Best Pet Win, so... :twilightsheepish: )

That was all kinds of Dawww and I liked your take on the pets' personalities.


I'm having a SERIOUS case of deja vu here :rainbowhuh:

*Reads description*
*Is instantly hooked and reads first chapter*
*Thumbs up*
*Reads second chapter*
*Can't wait for the next chapter!!!!!!!!!!!!*

>Blue flower
That's becoming a rather common story starter...

So the other four won't have any awesome side stories?...


Oh, they will. But the story in general is centered around Rainbow and Tank. (Winona and Applejack as secondaries because they're just awesome like that.)

"-and the only exception to that was if the Wonderbolts were involveed."

There's only one 'e' in involved my friend. Otherwise, have a mustache.:moustache:

*strokes goatee that appeared out of freaking nowhere* Interesting.:moustache: Following.

....... THIS IS FREAKING AMAZING!!!!!!! Following :pinkiehappy:

I hate falling in love with dead stories. Could we please get ch. 3?



No, but really, I'M BACK! So sorry about the wait. Lots of stuff has happened. But I will definitely continue this story... As soon as I find my outlines :pinkiehappy:

Sorry :fluttershysad:

694103 that sucks but whats worse is I had to red standard poodles one died I my brothers tenth birthday and the other we had to give away because of the mess she made, they were brother and sister too.


Brother: Name, rigby, whe we first got him he was to shy to even come out of the cage always calm and in the snow he laid down and hid in it till his sister came close then chased each other.:pinkiesad2:

Sister: name, cookie, always energetic and never stoped moving always excited to meet new dogs and people and aways fun.:raritycry::fluttercry::applecry:

More... I demand more... now... :fluttershysad: please :fluttercry:

Something tells me spike is screwed and angle is still a dick and the owl is a girl it has girl eyelashes ! And more please,

As a time travler I kind of liked chapter three.

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