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Fluttershy wants a baby. But she hasn't got a man to help her out with getting pregnant, after months of buying baby toys and supplies to look after her little one, she asks Twilight for a book on how to look after babies complete with step by step parenting classes on how to look after a baby. Although she is ready to look after a baby with the help of her new book, she needs someone to play the baby for her. Coincidentally Rainbow Dash passes by to say hello to her.

Humanized Remake of Pattycakes. - Title Image by Geo-Tastic on DeviantART.

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Before everyone goes nuts about the story about it either being "sick", "stupid", "insane" or "crazy" or something along the lines of that. Then you obviously haven't read the original story made by Pegacorn Ondacob. Which compared to this story, blows the remake out of the water with the amount of creepy content and the intensity of the fetishes that reside in it.

This remake is made for the weaker audience, although I'm not trying to say that the readers are weak or anything, but I am remaking the story which tones down the content and tries to add the "adorable" tag without trying to make it creepy or just down-right cruel. (Which some reviews of the original compare it to being worse than Cupcakes in terms of it being creepy and having NSFW content in it.)

While the original story shown the original characters as ponies, the remake shows them in a humanized form. It's a weird choice from pony to human but I'm sure you can understand. (It's my usual kind of favor to write humanized stories.)

The story isn't going to follow exactly just like the original story, while I like the original story and the plot. (Sue me.) I am going with a different approach in the story and I'm trying to make it less forced than it was in the original, for instance Fluttershy forced Rainbow Dash to turn into a baby without her consent and against her will. And I am changing this a little so it hasn't got that strife of creepiness.

Diaper-Fetishes are usually booed and hissed by the Brony community (because even though you say "Love and Tolerate" you still take your anger out on a irrational fetish.), but I assure you that this story isn't all that bad and it hasn't got the SAW Chamber, Foalmula and the Gummy Aid just like in the original. Just give it a chance and try to like it for me.

Here is the link to the original story made by Pegacorn Ondacob: http://clopfic.heroku.com/fics/503 (NSFW)

I...have read this before it was on here...Fluttershy is messed up in this one


I haven't uploaded this anywhere on the Internet except for DeviantART on my GlitchyProductions account.

I tend to release certain story chapters on that website, could you also please explain how she is messed up in the lighter version of the story?

456530 Well for one she has something called the foalmula which comes later in the story after she give rainbow dash the Gummie Aid that Flutter claims Pinkie made


Yes, those two plot devices are in the original story. They aren't in my version of Pattycakes.

456557 oh well In the famous words of Cee Lo Green

You probably should have called it something different. This is going to confuse a lot of people.

Interesting! I can definitely sense a different tone here compared to the original. Will be looking forward to more chapters.

Under this chapter i saw an advertising about birth cards :rainbowhuh:

Well I've read all of what you have written so far. I like the fact that you took my basic idea and used a completely different approach. The decision to make them human was interesting too. I think you've succeeded thus far in creating a diaper story without the shock and forced aspect of my story. I like it so far. I look forward to seeing the next few chapters.


Thank you for the comment, it's such an honor to see that you are pleased with the remake and I will try not to disappoint with the future chapters.

Cool story!!:pinkiehappy:i seem to like it very much:fluttershysad::derpytongue2::heart:

Sorry for not replying till now ^^ It's a great story and it's very well written. Having read both parts of Pattycakes I was interested in similar stories, and stumbling upon this one I must say you did well with it. :pinkiehappy:

I can't wait to see the rest. This is very well-written and very enjoyable. :pinkiehappy:

I'm certainly interested, while being not the most popular story, I do commend you for writing outside the norm. and even posting it! :twilightblush:

Firstly, I want say how well written this is. This really is a nice little story. I honestly do not read humanized pony fics at all. I have a near religous aversion to them. Yet, I cannot wait for the next update on this everytime you post. It's great.

Secondly I have to say the combination of Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy/Scootalove/ABDL has my brain almost explode from happiness.

Keep up the good work.


Thanks, I'm glad it's made you happy.

I'll try my best not to disappoint with future chapters.

Damn so fukin adorible by the way thanks for the heads up really appreciate it Fluttershy's gonna be a mommy so cute man

So if Fluttershy becomes scootaloo's mom and Scootaloo agrees to this how will this effect RD


It doesn't affect her, she will know that Scootaloo has gone to a good home and she will be able to spend more time with her.

Rainbow Dash kind of acts like the older sister to Scootaloo, kind of like family.

Thats nice but like if scootaloo will be raised to be a big girl and not like a baby and with fluttershy treating Rainbow like a baby wouldn't that be kind of weird


Because Fluttershy will keep on doing that certain activity with her, Scootaloo will pass it off as normal for both of them, knowing their agreement where Rainbow Dash comes over every Saturday to help Fluttershy out and so she won't bat an eye lid at what they are doing.

By Celestia, you've done it again! This is getting good.

can it be? am i first? awesome chapter!:pinkiehappy::twilightsmile:


Thirty comments in and you call yourself first? :facehoof:

791297 sorry :pinkiesad2: i hadnt refreshed.:derpytongue2: and I was first, for chapter 10, not the story as a whole.


You know that you can get banned even saying "first post" nowadays on this site.

Whether it's actually happened or not to some users, I'd say not to do it in future comments.

791330 ive heard the same. I just wanted to actually say it once, im not big on the whole "First/ Second/ Third" deal as few others are.

either way, this was a good chapter.:heart::yay::rainbowkiss::scootangel:

You first mention Scootaloo has orange hair and for the rest of the story you mention she has purple hair.May be an error?:twilightblush:


Where is that?

Must be an error somewhere.

when will you make more?


Soon, but I'm also writing chapters for other stories don't forget. I'm trying my best to upload them as quick as possible.

I think you already found it because I have lost it.:twilightsheepish:


I've just fixed it, I just did a "Ctrl+F" on the word "Orange" and I found the mistake.

Alright, Please keep up the good work.

Wow! I actually really like this version. Yes, the original isn't BAD, but it definitely fell more on being a psychological fetish-y parody thing and kind of seemed to be more about the madness of the obsession. Even if presented in a calmer matter than over-the-top insanity. It's a lot more tame and calming than something like "Sweet Apple Massacre", "Cupcakes" and "Rainbow Factory", but SOMETHING along that calibre, even if ten times more tame.

Here, I like the approach. It's realistic, more low-key and even though, yes, Fluttershy does indeed have a bit of an issue with the fact that this is a bit of an obsession for her, but at least she both accepts it and realizes that it CAN be a problem in a way. However, she puts it to good use because she's not being forceful nor domineering. She makes an offer to Rainbow Dash, and then later to Scootaloo, but in a calm and suggesting kind of way that shows she does give them say in this and will do whatever works to make them happy. I liked that, it shows a lot more of her character showing through because she's kind and hates to inconvenience anypony.

Rainbow Dash was in-character, and you can see her appreciating being babied since it means she gets some cool perks and not having to worry about responsibilities. It's a form of escapism that really, in the long run, is perfectly harmless. She isn't regressing nor becoming babyish, she's just enjoying the perks, likes to make her friend happy, and likes to spend time with her. It's pretty sweet if you think about it, and shows that she really cares about Fluttershy and wants to help her any way she can. I also liked her interactions with Scootaloo, you can tell she cares about her too, and wants her to be happy. I loved that, it's great that she can be a "cool big sis" to her...even if sometimes I found HER to be motherly to her as well. XD Like Scoots now has TWO mommies! :rainbowlaugh:

Now Fluttershy's going to adopt Scootaloo! Yay! Now all Dashie needs to do is stick around more and more.

Overall, I really liked this! I love how you captured the spirit of the original story, but it made more emotionally investing, realistic, interesting, heartwarming, and above all enjoyable. And of course I liked the characters, and I just love the idea of Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Scootaloo being something of a family together. It's just so heartwarming. :twilightsmile: Plus, you give FlutterDash shippers and non-shippers a little something, so both sides can enjoy their friendship and interactions as baby and mother. :pinkiesmile::yay:

It's great! Very well done!


This has made my day, thank you so much for the review, comment and favorite. :twilightsmile:

I will try my best not to disappoint in the future chapters.

This was pretty good! :pinkiehappy: A good little lead-in to Fluttershy's ideals of adopting Scootaloo. Warming her up to the idea of doing this more often (so long as it's possible) is a good way of getting her to slowly come around to it. Already she seems to like this, which is a good start, but then soon will come a very drastic life-altering decision. Adoption is nothing to take lightly, and I'm sure Fluttershy will need to realize that a bit more as time goes on. But so long as she's willing to put in the effort and love to truly be a good parent, she can pull it off.

Heck, she won't even be alone in this, she has Rainbow Dash right there to help when needed. And given her position, being in on the entire situation, it makes perfect sense. It provides a sense of comfort and security, because Fluttershy knows she has someone she trusts and cares about to turn to about this all the more.

Scootaloo is still acting her age, and despite that she does like to be babied, she's still being mature about it. Much like Rainbow Dash, she's enjoying the perks and really does like to have someone who genuinely cares about her look after her. That is part of this, the fact that Fluttershy displays a genuine, sweet, maternal display that is intrinsic to her character, but isn't crossing any lines of fetishism and creepiness.

Once more, I just love the interactions between the characters. Even though, yeah, Rainbow Dash comes off to be more motherly than she does an older sister to Scootaloo, it's still heartwarming and very much intrinsic to both characters. Scootaloo isn't blindly taking what she says, she actually speaks up and defends herself, proving she has spunk and has her limits, like any kid. And Rainbow in turn really does seem to genuinely care about her and wants her to be happy. And again, I love Rainbow and Fluttershy's interactions together, how they're so comfortable being close to each other and just being sweet. It still even now gives a treat to both sides. :twilightsmile:

Very well done. I'm looking forward to what's to come! :yay:

Agreed also i love by the end of the chapter scootaloo no longer cares about being nude in front of rainbow and fluttershy


Thank you for the comments as always.

It's hard for me to portray Rainbow Dash as the appropriate sister figure because personally (for me) I don't know what it's like to have a sister since I'm the oldest and I just have a little brother, so I don't really know how to portray that sister relation between Dashie and Scoots. But I guess I could down-play her a little and let Fluttershy take care of Scootaloo a little more than Rainbow Dash if that tries to make any possible sense.



Awesome chapter.I am looking forward for more,:rainbowkiss:

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