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Sunny Starscout's house is in ruins after the incident with Sprout. Now she's staying temporarily with Pipp and Zipp in Zypher Heights. There, she meets someone she never knew she needed. A mom named Sky Liner, and a sister named Moon Mist.

Now, she has to figure out how she fits in with her new family dynamic and what it is like to build trust from the ground up with ponies that should have been there from the beginning. She also has to realize, sometimes friends simply won't always like your family.

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I’m pretty sure Zipp is older than Pipp.

Otherwise, great story!

Awww, such a sweet ending!

Loved the story!

This was pretty nice and it would make a very interesting if Sunny's father did had a relationship with a female pegasus or unicorn but anyway I like it keep up the good work

Yes Zipp is older than Pipp. Zipp is the next Queen of zephyr heights

Very good! I loved this story. Very sweet and a little sad.

However, at one point you use Pipp’s name instead of saying Zipp, on the paragraph about wing length haha.

Pretty good, but it felt kinda rushed to me.

A very nice short story, and one I can imagine being the actual truth about who Sunny’s mom is.

I read this story today and feel like this is a good story. So here I am... 10/10 I do love this story... pip is my favorite pony so far. (A criminal pegasus LOL)

A very nice story that fills the gap of why Sunny's mom wasn't around or in any pictures. I do hope you'll do a sequel how or if this changes the dynamic of the main five.

All I can say is that this was a beautifully bittersweet one-shot. Somewhat rushed, but I can understand why Definitely liked the dialogues between Izzy and Sunny as well as Zipp, Pipp and Hitch before we got to meet Sunny's mother and sister (Sky Liner and Moon Mist respectively). And, as was said, this was certainly a logical in-universe reason for Sunny to have never known either until now in addition to the slightly greater detail about how Argyle died and Moon Mist comforting Sunny when it was brought up.

Glad everyone is enjoying the story. There is definitely some things ill have to fix. Like Pipp actually being the older one and getting the names mixed up at one point, but for the most part seems to have been recieved really well. Ill have to work on making it feel less rushed in the future.

Great job on the next chapter of this. Could definitely understand Sunny's reflections on the information she has recently obtained concerning Sky Liner and Moon Mist (as well as Sky Liner and Moon Mist comforting her and Zipp mentioning how Moon Mist actually tried to defend Pipp after the truth got out about the royals faking their flight and Moon Mist actually wanting to work with Pipp on a project.

All in all, certainly looking forward to more of this.

I'm glad you liked it. thank you :twilightsmile: I'm looking forward to writing more as well.

I bet there’s a letter in that photo since it always loses balance


or a clue that there's actually a gigantic base under the light house where he keeps all the other artifacts Argyle had. :rainbowderp:


:rainbowderp: Did you spoiler your own story?

Wow I wasn't expecting to see a chapter okay so you're expending your story cool so it looks like sunny got everything settled and she's still kind of in a mixed emotion about this whole situation that she has a family that she never know but it looks like those two looks pretty nice and silver and sunny have a pretty good conversation with each other but it looks like something is a little bit awkward situation with pipp and silver and basically it's kind of like YouTube rivalries they get each other's nerves and everything and usually don't and very well well let's hope things do not go soutg when they see each other again but this is a pretty good story so far I wonder what's going to happen next

Please do come back and finish this when you can! I’m looking forward to seeing where this leads

Plot twist that dragon was Spike and he wanted a friend to take home 🏡 :moustache: to clean and organize his personal library :trollestia:

Appropriately emotional chapter. Definitely appreciate the work that went into the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up. The dialogue between Zipp and Pipp concerning the latter's issues with Moon Mist - yeah, I could certainly see that. Also liked Sunny and Moon Mist's dialogue concerning why their mother lied and the even greater detail of what happened to Argyle. Eaten by a dragon? Well, at least dying instantly meant he didn't suffer. Of course, Sunny only has the word of the only witness to go on, who might have exaggerated some details. But then, maybe not, given Argyle would have already come back if he was still alive. Of course, the ponies were wrong about most of the rumors concerning the other two tribes, so the dragon thing could have been just an excuse to explain his disappearance. Kind of hard to tell at this point. And the series might or might not eventually cover the other species besides the ponies.

On another note, it would be some truly delicious irony if the dragons, changelings, griffons, hippogriffs, etc. actually did a better job staying unified than the ponies (all of those species keeping the Windigos in check would certainly be a good explanation to why they hadn't returned while the ponies were divided) and actually managed to keep their magic. Right now, however, that is just a theory and is just as likely to be wrong as it is to be right. Of course, it would be a VERY nice touch to see an older and wiser Spike eventually dropping in on Sunny and her friends, pleasantly curious as to why the ponies are getting along better again and getting to know them a little.

At any rate, certainly looking forward to more of this.

Ohh so much drama going on to this so pipp really have trust issue with moon mist and she's thinking she just came out of nowhere and including Moon mist mother and it's not because of the popularity but she's always worried about Sunny which that's nice but let's hope it doesn't ask her later too badly which unfortunately it looks like Moon mist is having her issue and she's very angry at her mom keeping the secret about Sunny and her father and sunny felt the same feeling as her about her father but she didn't want to talk all that anger toward her father hopefully Moon Mist will talk to her mother and hopefully they will have a calm talking why did they get this I wonder what's going to happen next I guess we'll find out next time

I'm glad you and others are liking the story. I have a bad habit of unintentionally making stories feel rushed. So I've been trying to plan things out and take my time. I'm definitely trying to hype up the drama a bit and make the characters heartfelt.

So it looks like sunny and moon mist decided they wanted to go to the fair Cloudsdale and even invited pipp and Zipp but pipp is still not happy about Moon Mist and doesn't trust her but she wants to keep an eye on her just in case if she's trying to do anything which I'm sure she's just overreacting but I don't know let's see how the fair gose

Again, a really good job on this latest chapter. Sorry I took a while to get around to responding. Nothing to blame except self-admitted laziness. Anyway, the exchanges, characterizations and future chapter set-up are all well done in all the right places. Definitely like the thought of doing a bit of bonding at a theme park. And, yeah, I DO hope Pipp eventually learns to warm up to Moon Mist. As for Sunny learning to use her new wings, yeah, that's definitely going to be intriguing.

Certainly looking forward to more of this.

After reading the chapter I do agree you didn’t really need to make it longer and shouldn’t worry about it. Always focus on writing that draws viewers back to read the chapter again then going through like a history or lore that before or after that part won’t line up with the chapter.

3k isn’t bad at all.

Interesting story. Added to my read list. :twilightsmile:

I’ve been meaning to check up on this story! Keep up the great work. Any chance you’ll be returning to it?

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