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Sunset is in love with Twilight. Twilight is in love with Sunset. The rest of the group know how the two feel about each other but wonder how they can't tell themselves. The only way Sunset can express her love for Twilight is through a song during one of the Rainbooms biggest concerts. Well according to just about everyone in the band.
Rated Teen just in case for one sexual reference.
Its Sci-Twi in this fic by the way just to clear everything up!

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Nice, cute, and short, albiet a little cliché. I think it would help you improve if you got an editor, though:heart:

7165386 Thank you! And an editor?

Yeah, or a proofreader to fix grammical things and spelling errors. Would you like me to point you to a group?

7165409 Would you? That would be might helpful :)

Ok! The directions are probably there, but all you have to do is post a thread in the forum. Say what you're stories about, and ask for help, that sort of stuff.

You could ask someone to edit this story, or do anyone one entirely.

Ask if you have any more questions!:twilightsmile:

Oh gosh, I forgot to give you the link.:facehoof: Here you go; Looking for Editors


7165506 Thank you very much! You have been such an incredible help :3

No problem. Glad to be of service of an awesome author:raritywink:

Short but sweet. So human Twilight then, it was confuseing at first.

7166207 oh yeah sorry I should of made that clear ^^

Not bad, not bad at all. A little confusing about wich Twilight is in this fanfic, but it's a sweet a cute story.

7167962 Thank you and yeah sorry I should of made it clear :rainbowlaugh:


7373903 so did you like it or? :rainbowlaugh:

Simple but effective. Nice that Sunset talking things over beforehand with Applejack. I guess talking about Equestrian history in the first paragraph could confuse whether the characters are Ponies or humans. Great cover art as well.

7416950 Yeah I get that XD But thank you I'm glad you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

This was very cute :heart:

More SciTwi x Sunset please QwQ

Already working on it :twilightsmile:

I guess it’s not necessarily so, but this does feel a touch au.

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