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Indigo Zap enjoys going out for a night of fun at the local arcade, with the other Shadowbolts in tow. And while she and Lemon Zest love it, the others not so much; they just try to grin and bear it.
Things were going well for her and her friends... that is until a stranger shows up and places bets on winning one of the "hardest" games in the arcade. Whoever wins takes the loser's spare change. In spite of the consequences she accepts, but once she plays, she wonders whether the bet was really worth it.

Will she win it all? Or fail miserably?

WARNING: contains spoilers for Friendship Games.
Story edited by: Kydois

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Heh, it was fun

Loved it! So realistic, and I loved how you wrote Indigo's character!

Hey, Indigo, just be thankful it wasn't Dragon's Lair.

Is That A Challenge?

Is that a question?

Enjoyed it. Nice to see more characterization pieces for the crystal prep group.

Feels like it was left open enough to go somewhere with other followup stories - even if you may never write 'em. But who knows, eh?

Lemon Zest and Indigo Zap... BEST SHADOWBOLTS BABY~ :yay:

Nice job!

7325209 Thank you! I tried to expand her character somehow.
7325269 Yeah, she'd probably get too frustrated to even finish.

7327618 That was more or less the intention. There were a lot of ideas that didn't exactly make it into the story, but I decided to take a different route instead.

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