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It's been several years since Babs got her cutie mark. She never thought she'd ever be a manestylist at a barber shop down the corner. But... here she is! Babs, among other barbers, work for hours on end cutting, dyeing, styling, the works. But some customers are a bit... indecisive. And sometimes it takes a lot of effort to make sure her customers are satisfied.

Warning: spoilers from IDW comic issues MLP FIM #21-22, and Friends Forever #13 occur in this story.

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This was cute. It would be interesting to see you turn this into a series - Maybe of Babs trimming the manes of different background characters or something. Admittedly, I really just want to know how she would manage if a certain giant rodeo clown wanted a trim.

6063658 Chances are... she might need a step stool. Maybe even a ladder. :rainbowlaugh:

Quite nice seeing these two together like this. I agree with 6063658 that a series would be good. Maybe Trixie can show up again, too. ;)

Lol, so cute :twilightsmile: Have a fave :twilightsmile:

(Hypothetical question) Should this ever have more chapters, what characters would you like to see get their hair done?

Nice story. I liked to see Babs doing her job. :twilightsmile:

Another Day, Another Customer.

When I read this story at first I was wondering how it wold fit both Babs and Trixie together. Now at first I was thinking it would be it's own thing like an AU would typically be, but it surprised me when you mentioned the Rough Diamond robbery from the MLP comics. Hint hint, they're may favorite two so far, aside from the Sombra arc going on now.

Now, i liked how the interactions between Babs and Trixie was written out. She was basically calling Trixie a overly dramatic dame and i liked it. I wish it would have gone deeper into their lives and what they were both doing as tie went on after their adventure together. Perhaps having them talk about the event from their perspectives? It really felt a bit short conversation wise, but that's just me I asume.

Overall I give this a solid 8/10. It's great and well written, but could use some improvements I feel. All in all, good job an I'm looking forward to anything else you write.

6660605 Thank you for the review, sir. I honestly wished I could have read the comics; I most likely would have made it a little more in depth. I didn't know what people would think of this story, until now. Who knows? I might make a bonus chapter involving another character.

This story is adorable and cute.

Great works!

Another Day, Another Customer.

You think the two of them would want to hang out later to catch up.

7053695 They probably did. Who knows?...:derpytongue2:

This was a cute, enjoyable story. I really like the future Babs Seed. :3

Great job! :yay:

I can see it now... Each of the Mane 6 getting a haircut from Babs... What a story that'd be.

Anyway, I loved this! Well written, realistic and show-accurate characters, and believable dialogue. Well done.:twilightsmile:

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