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I have no heart and my avatar makes everything sound sexual. Also, It's pronounced "sam-ee".


The happy days in high school will soon be over for the students of Crystal Prep. Soon, they'll part ways and choose their own paths. However, there's still some time left and Indigo Zap, Sugarcoat, Sunny Flare, Sour Sweet, and Lemon Zest will try to make the best out of it. Whether it's good or bad, they cherish every moment they spend together. Not only with each other, though – as the Friendship Games end, love looms at the horizon, coming from the most unlikely of places – Canterlot High.

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Fanart by kul
Preread by Bootsy Slickmane
Updates on Tuesdays and Fridays.

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And I feel FINE!

Leonard Bernstein!
Also, I think one of the future chapters is called Shiny (Un)happy People. Though at least Indigo doesn't lose her religion...

I'm just here cause you have Indy on the cover. Best EQG character design. She needs more love.

Definitely. Especially since I don't recall many fics with her.

I raise you one Space Monkey Mafia

I shall review this fic just like how REM picked their name, random words from a dictonery!
so I give this fic a spud out of needle

Wait a minute. Sandalwood isn't a Crystal Prep student. He's a Canterlot High Student.

He's mentioned to be one:

“Interesting name.” Indigo shrugged. “Umm… You know that I always thought all the guys from Canterlot High had bad hair and smoked weed?”

Bulk chuckled. “Nah, that’s only Sandalwood.”

Also, quite a few arcs focus on CHS too, so their students will have time to shine later.

Just as a fun guess for what Earth and Us is... the Purge. It is a pretty pretentious film that takes itself seriously when it doesn't need to, and it treats its plot that has a lot of potential to be fun into a story that thinks its a groundbreaking thriller.

Or I could be wrong.

I don't remember whether it was supposed to be a heavy-handed pro-environment movie or like, every Neil Blomkamp's movie up to eleven (I actually kinda like his movies, but you can guess what I mean). Maybe both. But The Purge kinda works too.

I swear, you're the only writer I've seen that has ever addressed the wrist devices on Sunny Flare's arms. Most people tend not to notice it and I'm actually disappointed that the EQG series has never had Sunny actually do anything with them.

I've seen some pics with them and later wrote a fic called Right on Schedule, where they are pretty important for the plot. This got carried over to this one (minus some supernatural factors).

Also, I'm not sure, but there may be something about them in Oversaturated World, but my guess only comes from the related artwork (I'll put it here later since my phone doesn't want to work with it somehow).

There it is. My phone kept saying "invalid image", but computer didn't have such problems.

Wow, that's both a really cool and kind of disturbing image.

Yup. On a side note, unless they somehow lock automatically, how does she put them on?

Man, I need to watch this movie some time.

Flash Sentry and Muffins can make it happen.

They may, indeed. Muffins will actually appear, and so will Sweet Leaf.

good story so far. But wheres chapter nine?

I checked with the gdocs version and I apparently wrote the wrong chapter number here. It's fixed now.

I don't understand why I'm enjoying these horrible people so much :applejackconfused:

Also with all the fruit/herb naming, this was the most delicious football match ever. :pinkiesmile:

Hmm, to think about it, a lot of Crystal Prep students are named after fruit or herbs. One guy is even called Celery Stalk. And then, out of the blue, we have a character called Diwata.

I was so confused by the furniture store thing until I realized that you were talking about some IKEA-like labyrinth and not just a furniture showroom. Is staying in them overnight something that people actually do?


Is staying in them overnight something that people actually do?

Apparently there were about ten such cases last year. Given that Ikea told people not to do that, I guess there were more now.

Not much character between Sugarcoat and Sandalwood beyond them wanting to smash.

They say animals could help with a type of therapy.

And everyone telling them to shut up. Guess that's how they roll.

Sour Sweet would probably have to work in a pet shop...

My mother is a workplace safety specialist, you know.

Okay, this officially just became a horror fic.

“Someone is running after us.” Muffins panted, pointing at the car park. “We’d better get out of here.”

“How?” Lemon asked.

Don't worry, Muffins can planeswalk out of ther- oh wait, wrong universe

Muffins smirked. “My brain doesn’t need much.”

Okay not to keep harping on about Muffins (even though I goddamn love her in this :scootangel:) but seriously, she seems to me to be the most observant, grounded, and on-the-ball character in the entire fic. There's no way she should consider herself stupid.

...even if she doesn't know what snooker is. :rainbowwild:

Also, god damn Sandalwood is a dick.


Don't worry, Muffins can planeswalk out of ther- oh wait, wrong universe

I wouldn't be surprised if she did it in this one too...

She's rather humble. Also, as for snooker, I guess it depends on the country how popular it is (also, the best thing I've seen today: Luca Brecel and Mark Williams stopping their game to watch Liang Wenbo scoring a maximum break on a table next to them. And then ending their frame in a tiebreaker, resolved by Williams hitting a double across the whole table).

More horror than Muffins' mom: imagine Sandalwood's and Sugarcoat's children...

Sunset Shimmer, dressed as some kind of a red-skinned demon

ok look Sunset if you're going to tempt fate like this you deserve what you get, just saying

“You dressed as your demon form? Seriously?”

Oh god they're all doing it. I mean, it is actually kind of cool to have a demon form to dress as, but still.

“Pretty, umm… convincing. Is that real blood?”

Nobody ever trusts Sour. XD

She was accompanied by a girl with glasses, holding a coffin-shaped double bass,

Oh man, is that who I think it is? She's wearing glasses and I don't think a custom-designed double bass comes cheap. Is this a spoon I see before me?

He was interrupted when Muffins walked in, wrapped in toilet paper like a mummy.

This is such a perfect Muffins costume that I'm half-convinced I've actually seen it in the show. XD

Sunny shrugged. “Dunno. I need some painkiller. And coffee. And a loaded gun.”

Looking back through this chapter, I wonder if that was foreshadowing.

“My parents looked at me, said, ‘well, we fucked up enough’ and here I am, the only child.”

Sugarcoat, just... just... I don't even. Just do your thing. XD

She stood up and left the room greeted by absolute silence.

It's Christmas at the Sours

Oh, and he once took me to Wales. Wales!

Hey, what's wrong with Wales?

Sour Sweet replied, grabbing Sunny’s shotgun and aiming it at the mirror on the ceiling.


“It’s pretty appropriate that you’re using those cliché chords for it.”

Which four chords might those be? :ajsmug:

Muffins looked around and cleared her throat. “Wake up, guys! We hit an iceberg!”

Okay I'm starting to reconsider my appraisal of Muffins as the level-headed one

(also called Notre Ville)

Ooh, that name works much better. I really like your human version of Starlight Glimmer's village. I mean, aside from the creeps.

Yeah, that's Silver Spoon. With Plaid Stripes and Marble Pie as bandmates. Also, coffin bass is a must have for every psychobilly band, like this one:

Nobody ever trusts Sour. XD

For a good reason, I guess...

This is such a perfect Muffins costume that I'm half-convinced I've actually seen it in the show. XD

I thought so too, but apparently she was dressed in cardboard boxes in Luna Eclipsed and as Twilight Sparkle in the other Nightmare Night we've seen. Although Lyra was a mummy once:


Hey, what's wrong with Wales?

That was the first country that came to my mind :twilightblush: Although I kinda regret fimfic doesn't allow the text to change randomly each time someone visits the page, so it'd be a different country for each person (all of them being actually fine, but Sunny is hard to please).


I wonder who's more dangerous, actually: Sour (some part of her mind actually wants to shoot you) or Sunny (she doesn't want to shoot you, but she may do it because she's rather absent-minded).

Okay I'm starting to reconsider my appraisal of Muffins as the level-headed one

Well, her idea of getting a boyfriend consists of throwing him on the ground (btw, her favourite movie may be Titanic. I'm not sure).

Also, everything sounds better in French.

Okay... some really nice banter between Indigo and Bulk, there. Admittedly, I haven't really stayed caught up with Eq uestria Girls past Rainbow Rocks. So this should be fun. ;)

“Is there anyone in this school who doesn’t play anything?” Indigo muttered to herself, looking at two young guys. One of them was holding a skull.

Nope. It's a giant conspiracy to drive you mad!

"All the people in this school are crazy!"

Interesting dream, there...

Indigo plays too many video games, I guess :pinkiehappy:

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