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After the long and exhausting stay at Camp Everfree, the Canterlot Wondercolts head home. On the way there, Twilight falls asleep and meets in a dream a certain someone who shouldn't be there anymore.

Is Twilight still in danger?

Featured on the front page on March 23, 2017!

Chapters (1)
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Comments ( 21 )

I'm hoping a story where Midnight and Demon Sunset would interact with each other. :twilightsmile::trixieshiftright:

That would be cool.

Also, the ending was priceless. Probably my favorite way a fanfic has ever addressed Sunset's living situation.

That's an interesting idea. I'll keep that in mind. And yes, I've been wondering about Sunset's housing and I couldn't think of how she stays there, hence my ending. Glad ya like it.

I'm trying to take over your simple mind, numbskull

please turn this into a full story:rainbowkiss:

“Speedster, Sonic, The Dash,” Sunset read out loud from the list. “Pinkie, you sure thought of a lot of names.”

Two of which will earn RD lawsuits from both SEGA and Disney.

“I came up with so many!” Pinkie happily pointed. “Like for Rainbow Dash, she could be Speedy!”

Aand, there's one for DC. Please tell me Quicksilver isn't on there too.


8045614 congrats on making it the featued box!
Ps: Regarding Sunset's home, theres some new promotional images for the new line of EG Minis, which includes a simplified map of the EG!Canterlot. Sunset house is located in a an avenue filled with medium sized shops, the same road that had Sugarcube Corner /Sweet Shoppe at its corner. I think with that image, Sunset probably lives on the second floor of a shop or some sort. Probably work there part time to pay the rent. But that just what I theorize from the image! I love how you handle the issue! Haha

That was a good read. I like it. :twilightsmile:

8046176 I totally forgot Quicksilver...
8045864 That'll be hard to do... There's not much to go on here, unless it's just Twilight and Midnight's friendship
8046302 WHAAAAT. Feature box?! I haven't posted a story or chapter in a while. It's nice to know I can still make good stories :twilightsmile: Thanks. Also, the toys I have seen so far haven't really affected the main story so I'll take that with a grain of salt...
8046480 Then I have done my duty. Thanks, man! :ajsmug:

8047107 OK just its interesting because no one ever makes midnight still there i sci-twi's head afterwards

Drat. She got away.:twilightangry2:

You want to know where Sunset Shimmer lives? I can help you with that.:trollestia:

8047832 Nothing canon yet on Sunset's housing, but if there is, you let me know because its driving me crazy that there are already 4 movies and nothing is said on the subject :derpytongue2:

8047981 She lives in an apartment south of both schools. Hasbro released a map of Canterlot with the Mane 7's accommodations. Still makes jack all sense, but whatever.

8049386 Now that's interesting. I hope they use that in the coming shorts for EqG this year.

8049679 The upcoming movie is gonna be great too. It's the first one (of this gen at least) taking place in the pony world, all over the pony world. Hope they finally show us the Zebra lands on a map.

8057581 Stil gonna be a while before it shows, but I'm seeing in the theaters! Excited already lol :pinkiehappy: Hope nothing lore breaking happens.

Haha! Amazing Slice Of Life Story with Human Twilight, Midnight, and Sunset, ReadingIsMagic. :twilightsmile: Good Job! :twilightsmile: :pinkiehappy: :rainbowdetermined2:

Awesome story!! :twilightsmile::moustache::pinkiehappy:

“I am made for extreme magic. You don't have such power. If I do end up taking over, I'll only disappoint myself. Being a normal human? Please.”

Yeah... she gets it. :rainbowwild:

Well this was fun if odd. Thanks for the read~

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