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Just a brony who likes living. Please, don't leave thanks for me favoriting stuff. If anything, I should thank you, the author(s) for writing these amazing stories I find fav-worthy.

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An old mare reminences about her past.

Written for the "A Two-Faced Charade" contest.

Also, has no coverart, because I couldn't find any pics of a blurry pic (or I'm probably to lazy, oh well).

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Everyone has a "humane" (pun from Pinkie) counterpart, as far as Sunset could see, both from hers and Twilight's observations. Everyone... except Sunset herself, that is.

But why? Sunset has been wondering about this ever since she met the humane Twilight for the first time, which finally convinced her that she also has to have one. Now, she is spitting through registers, newspapers and websites, hoping for anything that can give a clue. Even though it has been 2 months since the Friendship Games, Sunset is still determined to find her counterpart.

At the same time, in another city far away, a certain woman discovers in an old newspaper something that turned her life around.

Maybe Sunset won't find the answer... but she surely doesn't expect to be found by it instead.

A "what if" story, (if that wasn't obvious from the short description) focusing on Sunset Shimmer and her search of her unseen counterpart. Rated teen for heavy content.

Also my first attempt at actually writing literature. Well, that is, this was the first story I thought of. I only just now got around to actually finishing the first chapter, go figure. Will probably have coverart in the future, when I'm not too lazy to search I find something I like and can use.

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Dear Twilight Sparkle, and friends,

I am saddened to inform you that I have recently gotten sick, due to reasons yet unknown, so I am not permitted to narrate your story until I get better.

Do not be afraid, your story will not be set on hold during my absence, since the Directors have seen this as an opportunity to give aspiring narrators (like I once was) a chance to narrate in my place.
While they may seem, eccentric, for lack of a better word, I only ask that you give them all a fair chance.

Give yourselves some time to discover their narration styles, learn their little quirks and habits, and see if you enjoy them or not. I'm told that the Directors will be interested in what you think of them, so please be honest when voicing your opinions.

I hope you'll have a wonderful time, and you'll hear from me again when I have more news.

The Narrator

Hope you like meta-stories about narration... which would be curious, since I've never heard about a meta-story about narration. Maybe that's just me though, I dunno.

Anyway, a comedy story! Yay... I think? Still new to this whole author-thing, trying out different directions for now. Also, if you're interested in the whole "narrator" thing (which I kinda doubt), I'll probably write another story on just that, but that would be more a mythos-type of story... emphasis on probably, first want to see how this story does.

Oh, if you want to know which type of narrator comes where, have a handy list.
Chapter 1) No narrator... for the most part.
Chapter 2) (Some time in the future) Coming soon!

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Note to self:
These are the written words of the discussions between the changeling Ayemo, or... Furor, as he wants to be called, and various people.

I was ordered by princess Celestia to attend several meetings between her, Furor, the other Princesses, the bearers of the Elements, and... a certain Trixie, and write everything down what was said.

While these texts are now a mix of both Furor's personal stories as well as knowledge about Changelings in general, the goal now is to extract all information regarding the creatures, while withholding the more... personal stories.

Important! Under no circumstances should the personal stories be published, and Furor explicitly asked that he remains unnamed!

Huh, didn't think I would ever do it, but... well, here is a story. About my OC. A changeling OC. My first-ever story about my changeling OC.
This is... basically my attempt at conversing my ideas about how changeling society works, as well as a few... other things in the FIM-verse. I didn't read any of the comics (wich are also generally considered as non-canon, I believe), so I'll only build on what the show has given me so far.

Also, please excuse me, I'm a little nervous, thank you.

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