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Few would suspect that Pinkie Pie would be good at chess. A game as nuanced and subtle as chess requires concentration, strategy, and forethought. None of which Pinkie Pie possesses.


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A neat story! I'm surprised more people haven't noticed it!

Wow, I did not see that twist at the end coming. Well done, this was a fun story :pinkiehappy:

This made me think of a certain quote, until the end.


great, pinkie went back to the mirror pool. this'll end well.

Nothing like a nice game of chess.

8094968 Oh no, there was only one of them..... Wow.....

Oh, by the way. Ready is misspelled in the second line. Just to let you know.

It was a fun game to read. Alas, all of the gravitas was in the ending, and the surprise as well.

not even deigning to avenger her queen by taking my bishop.

I don't think you avenger anything.

I assume these questions are not rhetorical, for I do not bother to respond.

I think he is assuming these question are rhetorical if he is not bothering to respond.

(at least, I assume the skull not real)

Is not real.

I move a position a pawn to threaten one of her knights.

I move into position a pawn...

They are perfectly position to do whatever they want,


the advance of Pinkie’s other bishop tightens the noose tightens around my king.

You have an extra 'tightens' in there.

You should probably tag this as 2nd person.

Overall, I enjoyed the story, love me a good game of chess.

Brilliant! Everything about this story was brilliant! The way the entire thing played out. The way Pinkie weirded her way to victory. And that twist at the end... Oh my goodness, that twist! What's really messed up is that, looking back, there was a lot of foreshadowing... But I don't think anyone saw it coming. Absolutely brilliant! :pinkiehappy:

Nice. Loved the twist ending of Pinkie playing alone.

That ending reminded me of this.

I'm guessing it was the inspiration.

8095093 but she has access to the mirror pool, what if she decides to play a game that requires a lot of pinkies?

That was great! I live reading about Pinkie's antics, especially when there just barely believable.

Hats off to you good sir/madame.

I bring my out queen.

I bring out my queen.

I have much more important things to do that contemplate my own behavior.

I have much more important things to do than contemplate my own behavior.

I believe the implication was that she was playing with herself again. (Speaking of which, genius reveal there at the end! :pinkiehappy:)

Pinkie is a nutbar? No surprise here

8095096 8095280 8095671 Thanks for catching those mistakes.

8095355 No, that wasn't the inspiration for this story; rather it was...
8095563 This!

And thanks, everyone, for all of the encouraging comments! I'm glad you enjoyed the story.

I'll be honest, I was not expecting it to end that way but it makes perfect sense for her.

Good story.

Funny story. I honestly thought Gummy was her opponent for a while before Pinkie started winning the board.

Comment posted by FrostTheWolf deleted Apr 15th, 2017

Lol dude that's Hamlet, as in the play. "Alas poor Yorick, I knew him well." One of Horatio's lines speaking of a character you never meet. He's holding Yorick's skull as he gives his speech. It's where the 'Actor hoisting a skull and speaking at it with the ridiculous neck frill' thing came from.

8096416 Hunh... never read it... My bad

I twigged onto what was going on pretty quickly one I heard Pinkie's conversation. I guess it is testament to your skill at writing her voice.

Thanks for an entertaining story!

What a fun story! :pinkiehappy:

Geri's Game?
Oh, someone beat me to it.

Nicely done, as a chess player myself, maybe try to specify with the coordinates next time, eh?

The dramatic suspense in this game either reminded me of Tal or Fischer, their sacrifice for positional gains were just insane.

vat a tweist!

8095611 Honestly, I think she's scared of that thing now. And, I'm pretty sure she can just pull as many Pinkies as she wants out of her main, just by claiming something like, "This is me from negative five minutes ago three minutes in the future!" Now, weather Twilight's brain explodes or depends on how used she's gotten to Pinkie when this happens.

Reading your writing I realise how much I still have to learn. Good job!

She moved her pawn there in case of pawn emergencies!

I'll be honest at first I thought she was playing against gummy


Hey no big. I don't know a lot of people who willingly read anything by Shakespeare. :D

I would love to see pinkie play against twilight as a sequel please.

Okay, i didn't see that coming!

Here's Pinkie outwitting people with brilliance, and then here's me not being able to beat easy AI in online chess.

How do I chess?

No Sicilian Defense, but immediately going for a Four Knights game? There's the first mistake; the character allowed Pinks to hold a double pawn center, and in taking her Queen, lost contol of more space (rarely a good thing to let the queen be one's positional sacrifice, but it'd take Pinkie to make that work in the early game). I can see how he ended up with his pieces in disarray while Pinks controlled nearly the entire board.

Did... she just play herself?

8098089 Yeah that did seem like a poor move.

So I guess this was Pinkie versus Pinkamena?

Heh, Cardinal/Bishop wordplay. Amusing.

8095563 I thought that, too. I accidentally saw the top comment before reading so kinda had that spoiled...

8097194 Eh, I'd throw some imaginary numbers in there.

I originally thought she was playing against twilight XD

I'm not sure if this world work. I learned the basic move rules for how to play chess when I was 12ish. Never really played against anyone else again until I was 23. Don't really think about moves either, but I'm fairly certain the only person I could beat is myself and the winner would be opponent black more likely than starter white as opposed to a draw.

8098565 Good idea yeah. Needs more Pinkie (non)logic.

Lol, I liked the ending. I laughed when I realized she was playing against herself. XD

8099147 As best I can figure it's technically a possible game. The opening, however, is not something an experienced player is likely to use, at least on the black side. You typically start by moving a pawn before the knight.

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