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Twilight asks Princess Luna about her recent harsh treatment of Starlight and Trixie.

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Very interesting story , it had good characterization, as well some good dialogue keep on writing . :rainbowdetermined2:

As bad as Twilight was to Starlight and Trixie she's been a thousand times worse to Discord. If he didn't have skin thicker than tank armor and actually cared what she thought about him it probably would have ruined everything. *beat* Just putting that out there.

I think... this is the first story I've seen since the episode aired that didn't push all the blame on Twilight.

It's a nice change.

I would be interested in seeing what happens in Trixie's dream.

Well done so far.

Great story. Especially when it came to all the Twilight/Starlight talk.

Lovely little story here.

Twilight was REALLY out of character in that episode. I hated her in it, and she's usually my favorite character. She claimed to have forgiven both Trixie and Starlight, but treated them worse than Discord, who's still a jerk 90% of the time. I also wondered "Why did she stop forgiving bad ponies? UNICORN NON-PRINCESS Twilight would have just forgiven them and trusted them like friends". Good story, and glad Luna was the one to show up. After all...if she can't forgive Trixie for some attempts at one-upping her, how could she forgive Nightmare Moon?

Thank you so much for adding this on. I was so hoping to see how that day affected Trixie.

You know... I'm really waiting for a story where the usual dynamic of "Celestia tears into Twilight because she didn't trust smug and antagonising Trixie" is subverted.

This is already nice since it's not so one-sided. But I think one where Twilight fights back against having the blame just put on her would be a welcome change as well.

This was a great read.

7219425 Correction, Twilight AND her friends (save Fluttershy) treated Discord WORSE than Trixie and Starlight Glimmer. Both Trixie and Discord did less damage than Starlight Glimmer and they still get the evil eye. Starlight Glimmer on the other hand nearly ruined the whole time-space continuum and she's forgiven too easily. She should be in jail. The way that Discord and Trixie are lashed out at for creating misery and that Starlight Glimmer could have done ten times worse and becomes Twilight's student... that's when the series literally stopped making sense. If no one gets that or understands that (heaven forbid you people should read into it a little deeply), then whoever doesn't is living under a rock. I'm sorry, but it's fact that it doesn't make sense. That's how bad it is.

7247089 Do you think the incident where Twilight and her friends (excluding Fluttershy) treated Discord rather poorly would trigger an accusation fic?

7248641 Definitely, but which incident? There's like eightykajillionbillion to choose from.

7248646 I was referring to the mane 6 (minus Fluttershy)'s behaviors and actions from Keep Calm and Flutter On.

7248847 That does warrant an accusation fanfic. In my fanfic "Sunrise", I happen to address this in the early chapters, if you're interested. But what I'm basically saying is EVERY TIME Discord is on screen and those Mane 6 (minus Fluttershy) give them the evil eye, the once over, or sideways glances, whatever they are, every time it happens warrants an accusation fanfic. "Keep Calm and Flutter On" does have Fluttershy openly state to her friends that they're not giving Discord a chance... like, once, I think.

7248858 So does that mean "What about Discord?" is another dishonorable candidate for Accusation fanfics?

7248862 I should think it warrants an accusation fanfic because Twilight was being a dick to Discord. Again. If it's ANY of the Mane 6, minus Fluttershy, it warrants an accusation fanfic, even more so after the Season 5 finale because Starlight Glimmer could have done a million times more damage and she's forgiven far too easily. Yet Discord still gets the "rotten" treatment, last I checked.

Wait a minute. Where does Princess "Tantabus" Luna get off telling anypony to just move past their flaws? She more than anyone should know that character growth is a lie, that ponies are never anything but who they are in their worst moments, and that holding themselves to any kind of standard is futile.

Trixie swallowed at the sight of her friend. Suddenly words started pouring out as guilt welled up within her. “I’m sorry, Starlight! I didn’t want to make friends with you just to upstage Twilight, I really didn’t! I can’t tell you how much it meant to me when you came back to help me with the Moonshot Manticore Mouth Dive. I don’t know why I let my jealousy of Twilight get in the way of our friendship!” Trixie broke off and waited for a response.

After the season finale, it's become clear that Trixie indeed is still keeping the grudge against Twilight alive, even if Twilight is reaching out to her. I think Trixie did plan to use Starlight against her. I thought that from the beginning, and what happened made it even more likely.

Agreed, her actions made no sense.

You’ve never been a project to me, Starlight.

I'm pretty sure that's a lie.

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