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This story is a sequel to Sounds of Lunacy

Celestia's latest prank against her sister was a resounding success. But now Luna has sworn revenge, and she will stop at nothing to get back at Celestia. For her part, Celestia is confident that nothing Luna has planned can possibly get to her.

Well, except perhaps one thing.

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Oh, Luna, you are terribly, terribly wicked.

The clear next step is for Twilight to prank both of them with the help of Rainbow Dash! :trollestia:

I was sure Luna had intended to prank Celestia by making her think a prank was imminent, when all along Luna never intended too do anything. my thought seemed correct when twilight showed up and mentioned Lunas dream abilities. I myself have done similar pranks. back when I worked in the food industry my co workers and I would occassionaly spike each others coke or water with vinegar or something. after awhile I didn't even have to put something in their drinks, I just needed to glance at them or their drink and smirk. or ask them how their drink was and they would throw it out even if nothing was wrong with it LOL

Hahahaha! Oh, this was funny! Thank you for writing this!

Pffftbaahahahaahahaahhaaahhahahahahhahahah!! Oh, cheeky princess!!:rainbowlaugh:

Buahahahahahahahahahaha! Clever, Luna!

Hello Engineer Pony, my old friend
I've come to read your stories again
I read the first story and I liked it
It was enjoyable and I loved every bit
I sat in my bed at night reading each and every word
That you conjured
Now I'm here to read the Doubts...of Silence.

(preferably sing these lyrics to this song please...)

Totally worth sitting in the cold ass car to start reading this.

7815041 But then you have BOTH royal sisters after you, that is not wanted, because Twi might fial a test, and if she does....
Word goes :boom:, :bang:, MUST. FIGURE. OUT. PINKIE. SENSE. type stuff

Didn't quite understand at what moment Celestia went to sleep. On the one side, Luna thanks Twilight, which means her "warning" happened in reality. On the other hand, ending says she's "been dreaming the whole time", and Celestia was intent on not sleeping after she lowered the sun.
So, my most plausible guess is that Celestia did indeed fell asleep, and THEN Luna made her a nightmare where she waits for night to end. Kinda like Inception))

Beautiful. Luna is best prankster, ever!

Just for fun--a thing that didn't happen:

Not wanting to sleep that night, Celestia had not reclined upon her bed at all. Her illusion therein, wrapped in Luna's magic, took little effort to maintain as Celestia went about her own nefarious deeds. Luna was occupied casting dream magic on an empty bed. What better time to ensure that Luna's mane would grow back with black and white zebra stripes?
As for Twilight... Would a new alicorn be at first unduly concerned if her horn began to ...grow a bit, day by day?

The next day....

Luna: Good morning, dear sister. How was your sleep last night?
:trollestia:: (slurred) Sleep? I didn't sleep because you were going to haunt my dreams....
Luna: Or was I?
:trollestia:: (shocked) You expected me to stay awake the whole night?
Luna: Exactly!
:trollestia:: Oh, I see. (tired) I'll get you next time, dear sister.... (falls asleep and has her face buried in a pile of pancakes)
Luna: Heh, heh, heh. We shall see about that.

Author Interviewer

For some reason, the part I laughed hardest at was Twilight shouting "Treason!"

“That was dramatic,” she muttered.

You're gonna kill me with this

“Treason!” shrieked Princess Twilight


Luna grinned. “She waits for the hour to raise the sun, but her perception of time’s passage is not at its best at the moment. I give her a day and a half before she realizes she’s been dreaming this whole time.”

dammit I told you to sto-

Should have seen it coming. Me and Celestia both. Still, good one.

I wonder if when Celestia gets revange on Luna she also gets it on Twilight as well?

“I see.” Celestia gave a gracious nod. “In any case, I must be off. I need to go lower the sun, and then I have a long, sleepless night ahead of me.”

Luna's prank is to make her not sleep, isn't it.

“Thank you again for your assistance, Twilight Sparkle,” Luna said. “It would not have worked without you planting the suspicion in my sister’s mind.”


Luna grinned. “She waits for the hour to raise the sun, but her perception of time’s passage is not at its best at the moment. I give her a day and a half before she realizes she’s been dreaming this whole time.”

Oh wait.

Wait but,,,, how long has Celestia been dreaming?

This cannot end well...

🌙💫 Sister, where is our Moon?
:trollestia: What Moon, Luna?

Another wonderful snap-twist at the end. Nicely done. :twilightsmile:

:pinkiegasp:Sweet Celestia!!! Tell me they did NOT!!!
Twilight, Luna......RIP:fluttercry:

I like this even better than the sequel:twilightsmile:

I'm guessing the lines about Celestia being barely able to resist sleeping are subtle way of saying that she actually fell asleep almost immediately and the rest of her "waiting" and possibly the next day and half Luna mentions are nothing but her dreaming:applejackunsure:

This really would make for an interesting series, especially if the cast began to branch out as the pranks escalated, be it in intensity or creativity.

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