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After the Tantabus incident, Twilight asks Sunset Shimmer for a favor: to write to Princess Luna. Sunset and Luna share similar stories, and together they process everything they have been through.

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I like this story. I like it a lot. I see very few grammar mistakes, and the content is interesting and put a smile onto my face. You were able to convey friendship very well in this story which I like. I'm sure this story will definitly get some likes. The contents interesting as are the characters and how well you were able to describe their trials and tribulations. Well done Engy. Well done.

Sincerely Ernest

This was a really interesting piece of writing. Both Luna and Sunset felt very much in character in how they wrote, and their thought processes felt natural and led to the main point well, I think. Wonderful work! ^-^

(It's actually kinda' funny; just yesterday I was wondering about Twilight arranging a conversation between Luna and Sunset due to their parallels. I need to wonder no more!)

this is well-written and very much in character. the 'dialogue' was very natural and flowed well. that one use of 'the royal we' kind of threw me off though since it had been so singular. I enjoy that it wasn't entirely linear in time, this made it transition smoothly and sound like the real conversation it's suppose to be (and the pauses for writing were rather well punctuated). similarly I like how there wasn't any actual speech to take away the focus.
look at that growth! in both characters really! this made me all warm and fuzzy inside :yay:

Wow, how does this not have more likes? How the living hay does this only have so few comments? This deserves ten times as many and is worth being in anyone's favorites list.

The dialogue here between Sunset and Princess Luna is just so smooth and natural sounding that I actually forgot I was reading fanfiction for a bit and got caught up in the writing itself. Furthermore, this is a very satisfying epilogue of sorts to "Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?", as I and many others felt it just glanced over Luna's deeper issues.

What more can I say? This was a very good, well thought out, smooth and wonderful little story.

HiddenMaster out.

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