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A meeting between the Cutie Mark Crusaders goes awry as they fight over their sisters. Then Luna shows up, and well...Cute things happen.

Submission for the Abyss' Cute One Shot competition. Here's hoping it's good, I've never tried something like this before..

Notice: I just remembered I forgot to italicize and quote Luna's lullaby. :facehoof: Anyway, that's fixed now, please let me know if I made any other mistakes! :twilightsmile:

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Nice And first COMMENTARY YAY!

Very much cuteness.:rainbowkiss:

No better friend, no better rival then a sibling! Great Story and I wish you the best of luck!

Pretty sure there's a word missing here:

"She nearly killed half the town with her cupcakes!" Sweetie squeaked. "And besides, RARITY made all her friends, including those two, with absolutely gorgeous dresses!"

Or i could have read it wrong. A good read overall. +1 like to you.

The sisterly relationships are so cute and awesome and perfect and wonderful and -- *dies*
My ghost: Ugh, don't you just hate it when a good story kills you?

Heh, I like this story very much! Very entertaining, and very cool, even with those tedious grammar mistakes here and there.

Grammar mistakes...:facehoof: Apologies, I had a deadline to meet, and I didn't find anything major on my run-through...Anything in particular you'd advise me looking over?

6281864 No, not really. Your story is pretty much near perfect.

"Rarity-OOFH! Is the best sister ever! She ran in the Sisterhooves Social with m-GAK!"
"Applejack and ah-OWW! Do that every year! And unlike you two, we've WON!"
"Please! Dash and I are so tight-AH! She and I don't NEED blood to be sisters!" Scootaloo huffed.

This, this I like. I laughed. GAK! They're adorable. :rainbowkiss:

6281310 agreed.
Btw, best nickname ever :rainbowlaugh:

6282459 what nickname? Swirly Raeb?

I thought Sweetie grabbed that Spike plushy instead.

This. Was. ADORABLE! Awesome job.

So cute and adorable!

That was adorable. ^-^ Ah Scoots, always the one to start mischief.
Overall a very good one-shot. I didn't pick up anything grammar-wise (wasn't paying much attention) and the story itself was very cute and well portrayed. I liked your descriptions.
Keep writing. :twilightsmile:

6281864 I feel like it was a missed opportunity for Luna to come in with the Royal Canterlot Voice saying, "No, MY sister is the best!"

Awww that was cute!:scootangel:

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