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Dark times have befallen Equestria.

Starlight Glimmer has betrayed Princess Twilight Sparkle's trust, using her magic and the Cutie Map to force multiple realities to merge. Changeling swarms, Sombra's armies, and nightmarish creatures from the Everfree Forest have overrun Equestria, plunging it into a state of war, confusion, and despair.

Outnumbered, overpowered, and running out of time, Princess Twilight Sparkle comes up with one last, desperate, insane idea to save Equestria:

She recruits heroes that exist in comic books to fight for Harmony.

On hiatus.

Chapters (2)
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Comments ( 70 )

Ok MythrilMoth let's see what you got

AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! OH MAH GAWD!!! SOOOO HAPPY!! *Dies* You've outdone youself again. *Slow clap*

I can already hear Aquaman(?) drowning the changelings, and it sounds euphoric.

"What about Tirek?" Cadance's face was pale with dread. "Is he still...?"
"That's about the only good news," Rainbow said. "Luna managed to kill him before he got too powerful."

An excellent beginning, MM. Consider this Faved, Followed and Upvoted.

And as to this

This story will update once a month, toward the end of each month.

this is the way that the comic companies do it, so this makes it seem more like an actual comic book.

Also, this is just exactly why I hate Starlight Glimmer as much as I do.

6873180 Yep, the once-a-month update is for PRECISELY that reason. So it's more authentically comic-style. Also, thanks! Glad you like it. :twilightsmile:

6873317 Kinda thought so, when I saw that bit. Once a month is usually when I get my own comics, so I liked that aspect of the story.:raritywink:

You're very welcome, and I really do!

Keep up the rad work, and I can't wait for the next chapter next month!

Heh, given that February is my birth-month, I'll consider the second chapter to be kind of a late birthday present from one of my fave authors around here.

Not a bad start Moth. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Impressive how Discord dealt with his evil twin, one less villain to worry about. If you can reveal it, how many issues do you plan to put in each volume, and do you have an idea how long you want this story to last, or is it going to be like real world comics and last for a very long time until you retire? If you don't want to reveal any of this that is fine and I will understand. I look forward to the new issue next month!

6873430 All I know for certain is that I've already written the last scene of volume one. In fact, it was the second scene I wrote for this. I won't say anything else right now though.

I'm reading the Commissioner's name with an G.
Now to wait for a month.

*Finishes reading*
Oh boy, this was awesome. Starlight went full psycho this time around, and the entire situation is just incredibly dire.

Discord vs Discord had me chuckling for a while. Too bad he died. :pinkiesad2:

I love how the Power Ponies are their own characters, rather than expies from Twilight and her friends OR the heroes they're based on. That is honestly my only concern with Power Ponies fics, but I had faith you would go with the smarter route. :raritywink:
(That might not sound right the first time one reads it. :twilightsheepish:)

One thing that stood out to me and has me a bit confused is "The Second Tree of Harmony." The one that sealed itself? I thought that it just got rejuvinated. Or am I missing something? :unsuresweetie:

Anyway. This is an amazing start, and I eagerly await for the next issue. Faved, Featured, and Liked. :pinkiehappy:

So, you know all those references in Scare Master? Assuming they're more than just nods to the audience, you could totally have Twilight bring in 90's era anime and manga heroes to join the fight. Even limited to just those five properties shown to exist in Equestria, she could still bring in the Sailor Scouts, multiple giant robots, and @#$%ing Goku. How awesome would that be?

Well, I suspect the various heroes which get pulled in will all be similar-to-what-we-know, instead of direct rip-offs, which is good. A new character who's obviously a nod to something we recognize is awesome.

That said, it occurred to me that, in the vein of comic books, it might be interesting if multiple authors wrote multiple arcs, all taking place within the greater storyline. Create an actual multiple-story series based on the main story arc.

Just an idea that popped into my head a few minutes ago. :)

6873557 The second Tree of Harmony is Twilight's Castle.

6873568 Uhh....not awesome at all, actually, since this is mainly a DC Comics crossover/spoof, and the only Marvel Comics elements are the ones that are unavoidable because Power Ponies. What you're talking about is like suddenly having Evangelions and Sailor Senshi rampaging through Crisis of Infinite Earths for no reason other than LOL. This is a story with specific, deliberate intent, not a "throw everything the writer/readers like into a pot".

6873898 Not happening for two reasons: (1) That's the one thing I hate MOST about American comic books and the reason I don't actually read them; (2) I'm way too much of a control freak to even consider something like that.

Browsing for new fiction to read...yeah...definitely going with this one.

I anticipate the creation of Mare-Do-Well, and it'd also be pretty nifty of Twilight to apply her modified spell to a Daring Do book; I mean...I wouldn't trust Indiana Jones to stop an army of darkness (oh, who am I kidding, of course I would), but Allan Quartermain and Tom Sawyer are part of the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. And FYI, there's also a Discord who calls himself "Captain Goodguy" ... in the IDW comics, incidentally. True, it'd be a serious breach of the 4th wall, but what better place to get a new Discord?

With a resounding crack like a gunshot, Twilight's throne exploded. All that remained was a jagged black stump of broken crystal.

So...a jagged black stump of broken crystal right next to a Spike-sized throne of unbroken crystal? Should the image in my head feature that or not?

6874204 Whatever floats your boat.

This looks awesome so far Moth. Can't wait for next month!

6874204 Starlight Glimmer already mentioned good King Sombra so it is within the realm of possibility to pull Captain Goodguy into the fray.

Unless... He can't be here since similar things are happening in the other dimensions.

Just some questions about superheroes:

If you could have one super power, which would you like to have and what would be your alias?
Who is your favourite superhero?
Which side are you on? Marvel or DC?

The Power Ponies actually have their own comic that Moth based his characters on.

Also, well done Moth, can't wait for more. (Although I suppose I'll have to.)


It was just a suggestion, geez.

6874656 I'm referring to Sombra's enslaved crystal soldiers from that one timeline. You know, the ones with the evil helmets and stuff. "Stormtroopers" is the most expedient way I could come up with to describe them--a term, by the way, which George Lucas didn't invent. Read up on your World War I.

I am honestly surprised that Shining Armor is still alive. I assumed that line about bringing what's left of him back was blatant foreshadowing. Guess not. Neat.

Starlight Glimmer has betrayed Princess Twilight Sparkle's trust, using her magic and the Cutie Map to force multiple realities to merge.

Did she do it by shoving a crystal shard into a giant magical meteor?

Because, when you merge worlds together, bad things happen... like the Super Mario Bros movie.


There is only one comic book hero they need.

HERO! Are you ready to rise to the challenge and SAVE THE MAGICAL PASTEL TALKING PONIES?!


EXCELLENT!!! We eagerly await you arrival!


6877019 If this story wanted to do this merging thing right, then everything should instantly asplode because of a gazillion particles from all these merged universes suddenly occupying the same quantum state simultaneously.


AH WARNED YEH!! DIN' AH WARN YEH?! :raritydespair:

*wanders the desolation and sees the Statue of Harmony sticking out of the sand* YOU FOALS!! YOU MANIACS!! YOU BLEW IT UP!!


You know, if the gloves really are off, then once Twilight comes face to face with Starlight, it's time to put that telekinesis that once lifted an Ursa minor to use by grabbing her head and twisting 360 degrees...

So Commissioner Cordon is putting together a team to stop crime and pretend to be Power Ponies? I like it.

6982343 Or, you know, he could simply say they're dealing with a crisis somewhere else in the world so ponies don't start getting suspicious. Don't over-infer.

Moth, I just wanted to take a moment to say that with the number of fics you have going simultaneously (and their high quality) that your affection for the series and its characters is clear (Sunset seems to be a particular favorite).

As a fellow brony who also loves these characters (and wishes they were real--did I just say that???), I just want to say that I'm jealous of how easily you write. I haven't even attempted a fic in forever, and I'm so anal retentive that I have some sort of superstitious need to wait until I have a fully formed story in my mind before writing anything. I wish I could just relax and write as the spirit moves me without worrying about such things--just relax and wait till the next idea comes along while in the meantime at least I have something up for folks to read.

Um...not to say that you don't have everything already planned out. It's just that I have the screwy notion that it's "wrong" to do more than one story at once or to wait for as long as it takes before doing the next chapter.

Am I making any sense?

Anyway, thanks for the inspiration.

6982416 My problem is that I have too active an imagination and it's why I have all these dozens of stories that go for months or even years without updates. :raritydespair:

6982445 Too active an imagination? Is there really such a thing?

I only wish I had as many unfinished stories as you do. I have only a handful of very short, limited slice-of-life fics that have made an impression on no one.

You really are an inspiration to me. I hope one day to just sit down and write something and POST it without worrying about whether or not it is ever concluded.

The Query, heh, nice. Do you have more parody heroes?
Another enjoyable chapter. Good job.:pinkiehappy::derpytongue2::moustache:

6982508 Oh, there'll be plenty more where he came from.

6982473 Yeah, putting it out there is the hardest part. I guess. It's never been hard for me, but it does make you anxious once it's in the wild.

I lost it at "The Query".:rainbowlaugh:

New update? Awesome! :pinkiehappy::rainbowkiss:

Query: Who had an open tab with the Power Ponies to keep track of their actual appearances? :trollestia::twilightsheepish:

May I point out that you called Twilight "Your Highness" and Celestia "Your Majesty," when you said that it should be the other way around? At least in case of Celestia, since the Power Ponies don't know the politics of Equestria yet, so their case is excusable.

I loved everything goin on on this chapter. I cannot wait for the next update.


May I point out that you called Twilight "Your Highness" and Celestia "Your Majesty," when you said that it should be the other way around?

Are you sure about that?

You...might be remembering that wrong. :twilightsheepish:

Not a bad update. Now I'm interested to see how they handle this surprise Changeling attack.

6982356 You are well known for inserting small details which later have a huge impact on the story. The introduction of The Query made me think of other superheros that you might use to replace the Power Ponies.

6986694 Or other heroes that might get zapped to Equestria... :pinkiecrazy: It's a big war, after all.


Silly Commissioner. You should NEVER question the Query. He knows what he's talking about.
So...what did Sunset do to survive in humanland?

6999678 Multiple choice past, but my personal headcanon has always been that she Anna Nicoled some rich old guy. Or, for a less dirty but still unethical version, she found out human Sunset is dead, found one of her last surviving relatives, pulled a soap opera scam on him, got in his will, and got everything when he died, setting herself up as legal AND independent. (I've actually used that one in another story). That one only works in any fanfic where human Sunset is dead; if human Sunset is still alive, then getting herself a sugar daddy is the more logical alternative.

6999868 You know, the Playboy model who married a really old, really rich guy and inherited everything when he croaked?

6906261 She needs her head twisted more then 360 degrees.

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