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This story is a sequel to Equestria Ninjas: The Movie

The turtles and their ninja friends are back in Equestria, where they're going to the School of Friendship to make new friends and teach important lessons of what it truly means to be a ninja.

However when three enemies return looking for revenge it'll take all their strength, skill, and teamwork to overcome them and keep Equestria and the School safe.

Takes place during the events of season 8 and will eventually lead up to the finale. If you're not caught up in all the current events in season 8 I would suggest you do so because there will be spoilers.

Chapters (29)
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Comments ( 236 )

oh man..... I hope the gang will meet a diamond dog in the future. it would be so neat to see miky's reaction to it.:fluttercry:

Great start

Just one question though... I kinda figured this took place well after Molt Down but where exactly in the Season 8 canon is it?

Great way to start it, I'm excited for the next one where the turtles and there allies meet the young 6.

I'm already starting to love this!!!!:pinkiehappy:

WOW! What a great way to start this story and I loved it. Can't wait to see more. :pinkiehappy:

Alright I knew the next fanfiction would be about the Turtles going to the School of Friendship! :pinkiehappy: Also can't wait to see an adaptation of Rollarcoaster of Friendship if you plan to make it.

Also, is Chompy still a normal turtle in Equestria or an alien now?

9211322 He's in his alien form this time, because they used Donnie's portal instead of the normal one at CHS

Really impressed start in almost mid season before the mean 6 one

Or a certain former queen, will make the full set with sunset in the fray along with the turtles? :pinkiegasp:

Ok. But what about the turtles? Do they stand on all four hooves like they did when they went to space, or do they stand on two legs like they do when they go through the portal?

9212211 They stand on two legs. Reason I didn't do it when they went to space was because I didn't have time to think about how their mutant DNA could affect their Equestrian transformations

So....Do Blade Swipe and Tempest/Fizzle Pop do the long distance thing???

Good chapter. The interactions between the ninjas and the young six were great.

"There's also Cowabunga and Goongala," Ocellus added, making the students look at her, "Chapter 55: Battle Cries and Catchphrases." she grinned sheepishly.

Wait a minute, there’s a chapter for that in the School of Friendship? :applejackunsure:

9225823 under lessons involving the turtles and her experiences with them

Cool, I bet everypony in the School of Friendship will learn about the turtles now.

So is this like the last one

Hello wildcard25. I'm the first to register to login to fimfiction and I wanted to say and ask something to you. Are you also going to write this story that involves the Kirin episode? I bet Raph would like to give Mikey the stream of silence so that he wouldn't talk again. XD :rainbowlaugh:

Dude, awesome chapter. Excited for the next one, I hope that's when the turtles begin to teach the young six. I also see that Mikey was suspicious of Cozy Glow, does that mean he will be on to her like he was with the clone of April's mom?

Oh my god this is amazing!!

I thought the perfect weapon for Smolder. It would be the fire gauntlets and boots from devil may cry 5 called Balrog. I know it may not be a ninja weapon, but it looks suitable for a young dragon like her.

I had the feeling that might get suspected about Cozy grow

Yep. Mikey was right about pizza face, April's fake mom, and now cozy glow. I also think that cozy glow have her symbiote name Riot because I thought of it when I saw the movie venom. It would be really dangerous for her to have that thing.

Yeah but don't worry though. You fixed that little foible in the Turtles of Equestria story. Flowed pretty well if you ask me.

hmmmmm............ cozy glow.......... why is she sending so many warning lights off in my head? why? :unsuresweetie:

I hope you'll get to chapter three soon, wildcard25. I'm not even going to rush you. It's your life and i respect your decision. Also does the fimfiction have a notification?

Well, at least Shredder's not a dragon, like the 2003 incarnation.

9258290 Yeah and how about Cozy Glow practically roasting each of them?

1987 Krang and Shredder? The Student Six can handle them. Heck, Yona and Smolder can handle them. A nice little combo called Smash and Burn!

I wouldn't say roasting, I'd say "trying to get the lot of them looking like they baddies and trying to put evil attention onto another and not on her," but yeah, I would agree:twilightblush:

Alright, that was a nice chapter. I like the way you put the turtles and their allies as teachers. Also, I noticed that you had Cozy Glow subtly antagonise them like she did in the School Raze finale, pretty good. And finally, 1987 Shredder and Krang are back, I'm guessing they will meet up with Chrysalis in the next chapter, right?

I'm excited for the next one, keep on the awesome work.

Great chapter, my friend. I love how Cozy Glow antagonized each of the Turtles and their allies. However, the 1987 Shredder and Kraang are back. Great! So, what are they up to this time?

Comment posted by Twinzoopony15 deleted Oct 29th, 2018

There's always bound to be some spelling errors in all forms of literature. In all the novels I've read, I've always come across a few typos.

thanks for using my comments again

Wow awesome chapter can't wait to see the next one

now cozy glow is really starting to make me question stuff about her. (mind goes into detective mode)

I wanted to see what Mona Lisa as a pony. I bet raph would love her as a pony.

How to help? Very simple.

Seeing the Young Six actually fighting and defeating Shredder, Kraang and the foot bots to save their professors with assistance from the CMC is nothing short of epic! I'm really proud of them all.

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