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This story is a sequel to The Mane Six Regret Playing Truth or Dare

The first time the Mane Six played Truth or Dare, Rainbow Dash threw Fluttershy into the portal to the other world. She came out and said, "What happens at the Lit Club stays in the Lit Club." However, Rainbow wants answers. One day, Rainbow Dash and Twilight demand an answer from Fluttershy. She invites them over for tea and cookies, and explains what happened on the other side of the mirror portal. Fluttershy's story will leave Twilight and Rainbow speechless.

Reading the first story is not required, but recommended, especially if you would like to read about more shenanigans.

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Awesome. You did an amazing job Diamond.

Jajajajajaja!!! This is funny!! But yeah, Twilight question made sense! Also: sugar rush!

Hmm this was a fun little story. I should really get to reading its predecessor some time soon. Anyway I enjoyed this and can't wait to read more shenanigans.

Also, how is Cookie Dough still a puppy? Wouldn't she be a dragon?

That only applies to dragons, Sparkle, not natural-born dogs.


Now I want to see a "pony-main-six meet human-main-six". One at a time, of course, and you've already got Fluttershy, and the films covered Twilight...

Comment posted by Diamond_Emblem deleted Aug 17th, 2016

7474496 Not again. I know What I have to do. Wait a second.

"I'm glad I got to meet you," Pony Fluttershy said. "Imagine what would happen if the Pinkie Pie from my world met the Pinkie Pie in this world."


"That would probably end the world," Human Fluttershy said.

Eeyup!! That sounds about right! Lol.

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