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trans girl living it large in a chaotic, beautiful world

some boring stories

you have arrived at the page of a horse story lover. welcome.

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Thanks for the fave! :pinkiehappy:

1677045 I'll certainly look into your fics as soon as I get the chance, possibly today! And I would welcome any and all additional Shimmer content because I love her character.

Actually, I was thinking about what you said regarding Sunset being a part of both worlds and thus not damaging them based on the comics' mirror-mechanics. That made sense, but it also occurred to me earlier today that if the Canterlot High world and Equestria shared the same relationship as Sombra's Kingdom and Equestria do, then Starswirl would have been bringing on the assured destruction of his world by banishing all his troublesome enemies there, and that seems counterproductive to keeping his people safe. Whether or not Canon has any regard for this line of thinking (they don't seem to, according to what I've heard regarding the official stance of the comics, but hey, I care), I think it's logical that either Starswirl found a way to circumvent the problem -- which seems a bit unlikely, as that would have been quite cruel to keep from Celestia -- or, I think more likely, Canterlot High's world may not have the same relationship with Equestria as others do. I do like your human-pony assimilation theory of what happened to make Sunset a raging she-demon, though, and that could have happened regardless of this possibility. Just a thought.

I don't know why I wrote all this out on my page. Oh well, take it as you will and happy theorizing!

1676953 Thank you so much, I'm very glad you enjoyed the editorial :twilightsmile: I personally hope we at least get a guest spot Sunset Shimmer ep next season--she is such a great character. Most of the mlp fics I write explore Discord, Celestia or Luna's characters (or various combinations of the three). Those three just have such great potential back stories, and a great potential chemistry as friends, I think. And I'm hoping to write more about some of the other villains and former villains soon. If you do get a chance to read any of my fics, I hope you enjoy them, and thank you so much again for your interest :twilightsmile:

1676952 Hey, it's okay, one guy took 70 weeks to get back to me :rainbowlaugh:

1676638 You're welcome! I need to read some of your stories: I found you from your blog post on EQD about Sunset, nicely written/thought out!

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