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Three missing pieces, two loving alicorns, and a single stupid decision that will set young Princess Cadence on a fresh new course. Story One of the "Cadance of Cloudsdale" cycle.

Cadance of Cloudsdale (so far!) is serialized in Spanish! See here for the Spanish translation courtesy of SPANIARD KIWI!

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Oooh, this looks rather snazzy. And of course, new skywriter fic!

Comment posted by LonMcGregor deleted Jan 9th, 2017

This was...a beautiful story. D:

That said, Twilight very nearly stole the show, and I don't regret that at all!

Love your writing, Skywriter. Thanks for posting this. Really impressed how you managed to bring the three strands together.

The only word I can come up with to describe this is "wonderful". Cadence and Celestia's characters, their tense relationship, the hidden hurts she accidentally pokes at, Celestia's hopes and dreams and plans for her, the hyper-erudite little Twilight and her family... Wonderful, all of it.

Tooth Flutterpony?

I would have gone with the "Breezies", myself. I mean, they are already (sorta) canon, being from a previous generation, and they could probably be easily molded into various fae archetypes. Just my thought on it.

Great story. This is the Cadence fic I've been waiting for, and your style does not disappoint. The feels inherent in this were almost too much for a man of my caliber.

Looking forward to the next.

Well, this is fantastic. I really don't have any more to say; the characterization was wonderful, the narrative style flowed excellently, and the story itself slots neatly into both canon and my own personal headcanon!

:derpyderp1: Somepony call the other universes, they need to read this.

Good stories are enjoyed
Great stories suck you in
Truely Great stories yank you into another world, spin you up in the air, and drop you on a concrete floor when you're done reading them, making you beg to return.

This is truely great. More please.

I've already PM'd you quite a few thoughts about the tale, but let me just register the crux of my opinion in a word: Magnificent.

And to you, potential reader, if the [sad] tag upsets you, know that the story isn't a random tugging on heartstrings, it's sad with a purpose. Read it. You won't be sorry. Promise.

Too many feels, and I cannot find the right emoticon. So have a twisty moustache.

This story was equal parts heart warming and dramatic. It's impossible to not smile at little Twi. D'awww.

Interesting to see the return of ex-Warrior Queen Celestia. I've now read quite a bit of your fics that feature her, and she's an interesting character, who has actually managed to grow on me over time. I guess the nature of many of your fics as one-shots means we'll never quite see her issues getting resolved, although "Beloved" ended hopefully.

Very promising first story in a series. You've got mythbuilding, a really interesting take on Celestia, just the right amount of drama, and hands-down the most adorable filly Twilight scene I've ever read. I will certainly be reading further installments.

This was excellent. Great backstory for an otherwise boring and flat character, great characterization of an adorably precocious filly Twilight, and a fantastic job fitting snugly into established canon. "Teenage" Candence is a very interesting place to play, and I think you've done a good job of fleshing out those hallmarks of adolescence without hitting up the "woe is me" well too much; she borders on being grating but stays just shy of that line to garner empathy instead of ire.


Oh God, that was. I can't. That... ehnnnnnnngh.. to many feeeeeels.

I saw the title, i thought comedy... i was wrong... so very wrong

This is the best Cadance fic I have ever read.

I knew I was following you for a reason.

Five Spikes out of five! :moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache::moustache:

New Skywriter story? Who is that? Learn something new everyday. Well done; I particularly like the synopsis. A nice balance or hook and spoiler is hard to reach.

I'm going to declare this a case of "Great Minds Think Alike" because I've been piecing together Equestria's history ever since I first saw Cadance, and what I've come up with already seems to line up heavily with what this story presents as well (Cadance really is the Crystal Princess, not just being mistaken as such)

However in my version, Cadance isn't an immortal. The reason why she's even alive at all is that Cadance was hit with Sombra's "cast forward in time" spell as the opening gambit to his taking over the crystal kingdom, which is why Cadance is still alive today, and why she appeared before the Crystal Kingdom did; she was hit earlier, hence her's wears off earlier.

God, I've got to get my stuff actually posted up soon. I have 3 or 4 stories bouncing around in my head, but they're all pretty heavily entrenched in the history of Equestria, and I'm a stickler for not specifically conflicting with canon, while at the same time I have to push in twists and weave things together in ways that I just KNOW Hasbro wont be making canon, so dancing around those issues has taken some major work.

This is beautiful. The adorableness of Twilight, the way you delved into Cadance's feelings and your portrayel of Celesti were all very well done.

Wonderful. :twilightsmile: Only the first part and it already seems to be promising a grand roller-coaster of an adventure for Cadence. I look forward to seeing more. :heart:

Just one question: will we get to see Cadence apologizing to Shining? I mean, she practically bit the poor guy's head off!

Stop being such a good author - you're making the rest of us look bad.

Holy... just... wow... goes from sad to adorable to what the heck, then sad again, then O MY GOSH. all in about *goes and checks* 11,550 words. Well played. Expected a cute twilight story, but love finding gems like this.

I am speechless.....

Unification. Such an excellent, distant term, used by both those good and evil. A word to describe the path they took to their new world, and how it was not entirely clear of horror. "Unification efforts" only makes it better. Love it.

Twilight is a-freakin-dorable, Cadence is showing some budding skill at scheming (the red of the strawberries never cross my mind), Cadence's flight home was a dawning realisation on the reader (or at least on me), and her almost connection between the heraldry and this 'adversary' was neat. The explanation for the single crystal shard was great too, filling a hole I had not noticed I was missing.

I really loved this one. Great job. Again.

This was an amazing piece, epic of mind and heart. I eagerly await the continuation of this cycle!

That, was, amazing!!!

This is incredible... I read this and... wow. This ties in perfectly with established canon, is well written, and shows an intruiging side of Cadance. In fact, her depiction here reminds me somewhat of the title character from a book I borrowed from my sister a few years back and, until now, forgot about. I'll have to search around for that book for a bit now... But holy crap. Just... take my upvote and my follow.

Straight into my Favorites for this story. Excellently written, just the right length, no noticeable grammar errors (though I was too caught up in the story to seriously look for them), and a nicely deployed backstory for both Cadence and the Crystal Empire.

Also, the way you wrote filly Twilight nearly killed me with her adorableness. 6 out of 5 stars.


Actually, my first impression on reading the title was that Cadence, in Cloudsdale surrounded by pegusi, would be confused about why she had a horn and try an remove it.

Guess I was thinking about it far too hard.

:raritycry: why, why?
Why it had to be so wonderful....

There was essentially one thing that bugged me, and that was Celestia's characterization. I'm not sure I see her as the same proper being you might see her as, but contextually it works. (therefore don't mess with it)

I feel definite potential for elaboration and expansion on this story. Kudos to you, and I hope for more.

A little grammar question: what made you choose to spell out "to-night" as you did?

If I may ask, does "How To Remove..." happen in the same fanfiction-verse as "Indiscretions?"

Because, if so ... :trollestia:

Celestia is Olde Timey. It's a speech pattern that began to become distinct in "Heretical Fictions" and "Beloved" and I kept it here because I like the hint of alien-ness it gives her, the tiny, almost imperceptible hitch in an otherwise normal word. Cadence (soon to become Cadance) should spell it properly, both in narration and speech, and if I've done it inconsistently, this is an error.

I really do think the two stories are mutually exclusive. "Indiscretions", if you're following my tortured head-canon, is one of the books on the shelf in "Heretical Fictions". Inasmuch as one story is more "real" than the other, this is it, and the author of "Indiscretions" seems to be riffing a little and fictionalizing what he knows about the truth. And then my head starts to hurt as I try to link everything together into a multiverse and I have to stop.

She may give him a token apology, yes, but only if she can squeeze one off before the next Serious Affront To Angsty Teenage Cadence happens. Sad to say, and not to spoil over much, but Shiny is pretty much going to be Cadence's whipping-boy for a while.

How have I not read anything from you yet. I love how Celestia was portrayed in this, and Cadence actually looks like a genuine character to me now - also, filly Twilight :yay:

Good to know that Cadance is in agreement with EVERYONE EVER. Filly Twilight is heartrendingly adorable.
"As you can see here, the tooth in question is presently being held in place only by a gross little string of what I call 'stuff'."
And hilarious. :rainbowkiss::rainbowkiss: :rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh:

This was wonderful.





And I find this on the day my wisdom teeth are removed.:rainbowhuh:

Nice to see something that isn't grimderp or overdramatic. Well... perhaps a little, but in that understandable 'teenage angst' sort of way. I enjoyed it very much, and look forward to more in the future.

I love the Little Mad Scientist Twilight.
She solves practical problems. With SCIENCE *thundeclap*

Okay, this just rocketed Contraptionology and all your other stories straight to the top of my to-read list (in ten seconds flat :rainbowdetermined2:).

Every part of it was great, and it fit together so nicely.

You may have single-handedly redeemed Cadence for me. I've never quite accepted the whole "additional alicorn out of nowhere" problem, but this, this perfectly captures all the issues I have and recasts them as a poignant tragedy inherent to Cadence's very being. Thank you.

Also, little Twilight is more adorkable than she has any right to be.

I haven't read this yet, so someone please tell me if I'm right or wrong.
Does Cadence get pregnant in this fic? :rainbowderp:

I'm gonna have to doom this in my "Read Later" list. Sorry, story. I'll be back someday.

My attention...you have earned it.

I hear you. I've got like over a hundred. :facehoof:

Nope! I can see how you might think that from the sparse description, though. This is much earlier than that.

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