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In which Shining Armor receives a promotion, Princess Cadance reunites with an old friend, and cloudfall is finally made. Part of the "Cadance of Cloudsdale" cycle, now with its own group!

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Okay this was just a wonderful addition to the story.

"Someday I'm gonna be a princess," Twilight chatted on. "And Shiny's gonna be a prince, too, and he'll live in a magic castle far away and I'll take the train and go visit him there."

Bears an uncanny resemblance to a joke in the latest MLP comic - which is perfectly alright, since it was masterfully executed here and it was probably my favourite joke in said comic.

I'm also fascinated by Twilight being raised so socially awkward by such... worldly parents, even though we aren't quite sure what Night Light does yet.

Do we? We know he's a noble but-


"Someday I'm gonna be a princess," Twilight chatted on. "And Shiny's gonna be a prince, too, and he'll live in a magic castle far away and I'll take the train and go visit him there."

Twilly in this house we do not utter prophesy after 9pm young lady. :facehoof:

Oh; off to a great start. I'm glad to see my OTP is progressing along just fine. although, I'm interested to know what breaks from the canon you've elected to make, just for reference.

Twilight the child prophet strikes again, while her mother ignores her and simultaneously continues on about how they should probably listen to children more because maybe sometimes they just know things.

Yes, yes this is good. Can't wait for the next!

Twily's got quite a gift for precognition in this series, and it's adorable. :heart:

Ooh, you made a universe (if that's what it is) of this. Just noticed that. :twilightsheepish:
Still, really nice story, just like all your others. :twilightsmile:

The phrase "Shining Armor receives a promotion" is a PTSD trigger for me. Ew.

Alright, time to read.

There had to be some sort of Alicorn Snit Squad whose job it was to monitor the Royals when they started getting erratic, as I imagined they must after having to endure this crazy world for a thousand or more years.

As humorous as that sounds, it gets a tad darker when you remember the last Royal who went erratic.

The Hero of the Western Seaboard, very nice, Shining.

"Worry?" she replied, excitedly tapping her hoof on the wood parquet. "I'm not worried! This is great! I've just obtained valuable information on the ecology of the Tooth Flutterpony! This considerably narrows my window!"

Never change, Twiley. :twilightblush:

Ahh, there's the cover image picture. You know, I have to wonder if Shining's later fascination with Children of Arborvitae was unconsciously informed by his initial meeting with Cadance.

"Someday I'm gonna be a princess," Twilight chatted on. "And Shiny's gonna be a prince, too, and he'll live in a magic castle far away and I'll take the train and go visit him there."


Just... please, Highness, come out of the alley and walk with me to the next call box. We'll get Canterlot Castle on the tubes, sort this out, whatever it is.

Now this is interesting. There's apparently some sort of telecommunications system in Canterlot. How does that work? I almost imagine some sort of city-spanning system of speaking tubes, but I can't imagine those would work very well, even with magic.

In any case, definitely looking forward to more. I'd say more, but the earlier comments have covered pretty much everything I loved about this chapter.

Ooh, I've forgotten about this Cycle! Glad to see it come around again!

Also happy to see that this story will go beyond one chapter. Your characterization of Cadance and Shining are quite fascinating. Can't wait to see how it all progresses!

This is exactly the type of story I love! A smart-alecky character with an amusing sense of humor is perfect! The military stuff is spot on and the description of the airship-port brought back old memories. I laughed a lot when you described his Mom’s books and the titles … OMG! … and Drill Sergeant Mom cracked me up too. :rainbowlaugh:

NOTE 1: A shutter goes on a house but a pony can shudder … I know this because I made this mistake until my wife spotted it and made fun of me for a week. :facehoof:

NOTE 2: I’m not sure if Cadence is as immortal as Celestia and Luna … she was, afterall, younger in Twilight’s flashback. Still, I really love this story! :pinkiehappy:


It's a long story, but it begins with "Someone linked me to this clopfic. . ."

I hardly need to say another word, do I?:twilightsheepish:

"Worry?" she replied, excitedly tapping her hoof on the wood parquet. "I'm not worried! This is great! I've just obtained valuable information on the ecology of the Tooth Flutterpony! This considerably narrows my window!"

Oh, Twilight. :twilightsmile:

Presumably, that incident is a major reason why Celestia implemented the Alicorn Snit Squad to begin with.

3276806 I honestly don't get as bent out of shape over the porn as lots of people seem to. Some of it is awesome. Others are hilarious.

Nice story it has my interest and we shall see if it stays that way :moustache:. It is still a very good story though :pinkiehappy:

~~♫ ♪♪ ♫ ♪~~
Who do you think you are kidding Mr. Sombre?
If you think we're on the run,
We are the mares who will stop your little game.
We are the mares who will make you think again.
'Cus who do you think you are kidding Mr. Sombre?
If you think old 'questria's done?

AJ goes off to town
With fruit for us to view.
But she comes home each evening
With apples aimed at you.

So who do you think you are kidding Mr. Sombre?
If you think old 'questria's done.
~~♫ ♪♪ ♫ ♪~~

-Expert from a unused collection of recruitment propaganda circa 1003, Celestial Era. The victory of the Elements of Harmony that year made its use unneeded.

(Edit: Nobody saw that stray apostrophe *shifty eyes*)

"Someday I'm gonna be a princess," Twilight chatted on. "And Shiny's gonna be a prince, too, and he'll live in a magic castle far away and I'll take the train and go visit him there."

Prescient, isn't she? :twilightsmile:

"That's nice, Twilight," said Mom, stroking at my sister's withers with her hoof. "Like I was saying, I think that children sometimes know more than we give them credit for. Maybe they're paying better attention than we are, or maybe we all exist in a sort of omniscient cosmic oneness before we're born and children are less removed from that." She waved a hoof, vaguely. "Something like that, anyway. I don't know. I'm a romance novelist, not a spiritualist."

THIS. Paying better attention indeed. Combined with the bit right above, and you might find it hard to top this passage. :rainbowdetermined2:

"Someday I'm gonna be a princess," Twilight chatted on. "And Shiny's gonna be a prince, too, and he'll live in a magic castle far away and I'll take the train and go visit him there."

"That's nice, Twilight," said Mom, stroking at my sister's withers with her hoof. "Like I was saying, I think that children sometimes know more than we give them credit for."

:rainbowlaugh: You magnificent bastard...

I'm a little annoyed by the sudden addition of the erotic novel stuff, but I can't stay mad.


Twilight was raised masterfully by her parents up until she became Celestia's star pupil. After that we have no knowledge of her actual upbringing beyond her studies with the princess. It is assumed in many people's head-cannon that Celestia doesn't really know how to raise a child (or was frequently too busy to do so) allowing for Twilight to regress into serious awkwardness socially speaking.

My preference leads to the latter though it bothers me that Twilight wasn't living with her parents during this period because they still live in Canterlot and it's ASSUMED that the city, while large, isn't large enough to necessitate Twilight moving out to access the castle on a daily basis.

Don't mind me, I'm ramblin about headcannon again.

Such a treat to see this one added to the cycle! I'm really looking forward to this take on when Shing met Cadance, and I love any excuse we get to spend time with Sparkle family (or Shine family, I suppose?)


I've always assumed that, with Canterlot being what it is, young Twilight was simply too odd to easily make friends before her entrance to Celestia's school and then after she became the Princess's personal student she likely got burned by false friends who tried to use her to get to the Princess, and others who simply resented her greatly. (For instance, she is really bothered by her friends trying to curry favor with her in order to get the extra ticket to the Grand Galloping Gala, and she was truly afraid that her excellence at magic would make her friends turn on her in "Boast Busters", both of which suggest some not-so-pleasant experiences in her past to me.)

I think after enough bad experiences, she decided to avoid setting herself up for disappointment and figured she could get by with just books instead of friendships. I think there was only so much Celestia or her parents could do about it.

Equestria probably has the same two reasons for overbooking flights that we do in RL:

First, some fraction of people are going to cancel for whatever reason and you want to fly with all the seats filled at full price, (rather than empty or standby).

Second, to keep people from doing things like booking a seat, going to the airport, signing up to fly standby and cancelling the booking, (yes, people really did this).

Ideally, you aim to overbook by just a little bit less than you expect to get cancellations. Sometimes the airlines miss.

I assume Princess Celestia's School for Gifted Unicorns is a boarding school. So she'll live at the school for most of the time, and either visit home or study under the Princess directly on the weekends.

It's clear that Shining Armor has had a thing for alicorns longer than he, or anypony else, thinks. :trollestia:

And now I imagine a scene where Twilight off-handedly mentions that her mom writes these embarrassingly risqué historical romance novels, and Rarity throws a fit. Again. "Twilight Sparkle! I own a complete collection of your mother's works, they occupy the shelf of honor* in my library, I've mentioned how much I adore them only about a dozen times in the years we've been friends, and you've never thought to mention that I could have been able to get them autographed by the author?! Do you have any other relatives and family members I would most desperately wish to meet; is your father by any chance the Minister of Fashion?" :raritydespair:

Overall, this was a joy to read. Looking forwards to more of it!

*) "shelf of honor" meaning "the top one that Sweetie Belle can't reach".

I doubt I'll ever be able to unthink the idea of Twilight Velvet as an author of saucy romance novels.

I am okay with this. :duck:

Shining Armor: So you assume that people are going to not uphold their duty, and when it turns out they do, you make innocent travelers like me suffer? Why not punish the guilty parties?

Me: Um... Shiny, an airline ticket is not a "duty".

Shining Armor: It tells you to be at a place at a certain time. That sounds like a duty to me.

Me: You really are more like your sister than I think you'd like to admit. This sounds like the last time Twilight freaked out like a weasel about returning a book overdue to the library despite the fact that she lives in the library.

Shining Armor: No comment.

Hey, Little Red Wolf, I've been trying and trying to find that substitution in the story and can't for the life of me locate it. Can you help me figure out where the typo is?

Good question on the immortality thing. It's been implied, but not explicitly stated, that alicorns in this reality "age" as they become aware of and begin to own their surroundings. Ergo, Cady was a foal for about 900 years locked in a single room, became a filly when Sister Thistle started showing her around her little fortress city, and grew into her teenage form when she came to Canterlot. This was inspired by Luna's growth spurt between seasons 1 and 2. I still don't know if alicorns are immortal as a rule in the canon; I suspect not, but for this story, I'm running with it.

Superlative work as ever!




I am now totally headcanoning this.

In this particular chronology, the Daring Do novels are less "Harry Potter" (the brainchild of a single author) and more "Nancy Drew" (a carefully-marketed series of books written by various authors under a single pseudonym). In this story's "present day", Daring Do and the Sapphire Stone has not yet been written so the series does not yet exist. In the very near future, Twilight Velvet will be asked to write a Daring Do novel and will eventually become the primary and most beloved author of the series (despite the fact that every book is ostensibly written by the same author). Is this a full enough answer to your question?

Thanks as ever for your troping efforts! :pinkiehappy:

Oh, and, sorry, I missed this other question; depends on which canon you're talking about! I haven't even read the comics yet, have only been spoiled to certain details. At present, I think the cycle is functionally canonical to anything we've seen in the series as presented. ...Crystal Heart Spell adds the notion that Cady was born a pegasus and begins to discredit the idea of the alicorn "race", which is sort of central to a lot of backstory conflicts, so it's not entirely canonical to that. And it completely contradicts the comics' assertion that Cady and Shining were high-school classmates.

Argh! I can't believe I accidentally used a real-world reference! Is it really distracting? I'm not tied to the name.

Indeed. My horrible disease struck and I felt the need to explain why airline booking is stochastic, but now I don't have to, and I can read the rest of the story.

It doesn't matter how you look at it,it's a bit hard to unthink anyway,considering that in both the comics and the toys,Twilight Velvet is a writer xD


I would say to not complicate yourself and call them Twi and Shining's family.

Ponies don't have/use surnames,ever since G1.

Some commenters bring up a good point. Why doesn't Celestia have an Alicorn Snit Squad? (ASS? :rainbowlaugh:) Possibly because the theoretical existence of such a thing is pretty much exactly what Cadence is upset about to begin with.

I am okay with Twilight Velvet's choice of profession, and quite amused by Shiny's attitude towards it. I'd be really amused to see Twiley's reaction to it though. Since I imagine Celestia's school to be a boarding school, and she got shipped off to it at a fairly young age, she may not have really known what her mom did beforehand, and if she got the Daring Do commission in the meantime, she may have neglected to mention what she wrote before that in casual conversation with her daughter. Of course, we know Twilight is the type to follow all the leads when doing research, and if she has the entire Daring Do series now, she probably came across the rest of her mom's bestselling books in the process. This is a scene I'd like to see.

3280076 As is this.

I honestly have no idea whether I like the alicorn race canon you're building, since it's not super developed yet, but I definitely look forward to seeing where you're going with this. I also wonder where this story goes from here, since it's apparently going to be multi-chapter, and it's already fulfilled it's title.

3279935 I like this. It fits so well with Twilight's S1 personality quirks.

But when are we going to get to Cloudsdale? :raritydespair:

End of this story! Scout's honor! See, I put it in the desc and everything! :pinkiehappy:

Twilight can see the future?

Huh, interesting to hear it from Shining's point of view. I also get the feeling that I have seen the scene where he saw her outside the house before, but I don't know where...

Right... get your hugging gloves on, here come adorkable filly Twilight!!!

We are revisiting a scene from the first story, "...Unicorn Tooth", from another perspective. :pinkiehappy:

3287156 Ah... I was worried for a moment then that you had taken it from another story.:pinkiegasp::pinkiegasp::facehoof::facehoof:

Well, not one in the series. But now I remember!:twilightblush::twilightblush:

Uh-huh. I'll believe it when I see it, bub. :ajbemused:

...Huh. Well that's probably the fastest reading I've done in a while. I think I started the Cadance of Cloudsdale Cycle... something like three hours ago? It has been most excellent. Your writing brings the characters to life quite well, and plus... well, you're just good at making me laugh. I'm not sure if that's skill of writing, or designing situations for the characters, or... what, really. But I've enjoyed reading your work immensely. ^_^

3286841 Thanks for giving me that scene to watch. I have read of it many many times, but only now have I viewed it with my own eyes.

Thanks much! Hope I can keep going with that.

At this point, you could probably assemble a passable version of "...Holy Grail" made entirely out of other media that references it. :pinkiehappy:

The Canterlot law enforcement folks would tell you sardonically that it doesn't work, but in theory, there appears to be a system of official-use-only call boxes. Dunno the actual physical processes behind it as it will never come up again, but I suspect it works like the world's most complicated tin-can telephone.

We don't for sure know much about him in canon, a situation replicated here. I changed his name from the commonly-accepted version to "Knight Light" here to give Shiny and his dad a hint of a like-father-like-son dynamic. In this story series, Shiny's dad has a minor granted title for services to the Tiara, but in many respects is just the same minor government functionary he always was, only with a "sir" added. Beyond his title, I am not really sure what he does, which is actually probably inspired by my own lack of understanding about my own father's job. He probably works for the Ministry of Libraries or something.

You'd think the Immortal Princess of Everyone Getting Along With Each Other would know how to make a better first impression.

That is quite possibly the best line about Cadance I have ever read. :rainbowlaugh:

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