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778959 in my defense I did both of those things and also read the entire thing. I was waiting for some sensible explanation as to why Cadance would take up stripping and possibly banging her lap dance clients, and a few months of sexual frustration doesn't cut it. Granted you put a lot of work into it, and it's well written in many ways, but I simply can't wrap my mind around this level of OOCness, even in a one shot comedy clip fic.

Next time, please read the description and genre tags. :twilightsmile: If you were confused about the setting, it was clear that it took place in a strip club and it involved Shining and Cadence. It was also romantic comedy, meaning an awkward situation was going to take place.

And for the record, that took me over five hours to write, edit, and perfect and the rating reflects that. Please keep in mind how much work was put into a piece of writing, no matter how bizarre, before you type the first thing that comes to mind.

Please try writing fanfiction yourself before resorting to that. Reviews are nice, but not meaningless insults.

Thank you for your time. :pinkiesmile: I applaud you at least doing a double take and deleting it. Just remember this for the future, okay?

778094 if you're talking about the strip club fic, I deleted my comment for a reason -- it didn't add anything substantive, was rude, and I don't care enough to make a proper criticism except for the whole scenario seems bizarre. Sorry.

Thank you for your wonderful critique. :scootangel:

I hope you keep up with "What is Love?", it's got a lot of promise and you certainly have pulled an unexpected character from history to work on it. Thanks for writing it; it's been a pleasure so far!

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