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Just a 15 year old that got an idea for a fanfic from a friend

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Check your inbox Flutters

Howdy, just checking in to say I hope you're doing okay :) It's a shame you never got to finish your story but it was good for what is was anyway

Is your story this goin'?

Hey Flutterawesome! I'm a new fmfiction member that had just signed on a few days ago:scootangel:! I've thinking about adding my story to your adventure group into the TV crossover folder. Before I do, I just have one Question: does the TV Crossover folder also inldude Anime TV crossovers:pinkiesad2:?

  • Viewing 62 - 66 of 66
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AMA answers first round

(Why don't you write a short oneshot seperate from Foeppm?) Because I don't have time or ideas

(Was Quick Scope inspired by previously existing FoE characters?) Eenope

(If not FoE characters, was he inspired by a character from the Fallout games?) Eenope

(Any artist you could commission? Who would it be?) Well.... Mister mech does good stuff. and so does sw1tchbl4de and so does spyro the conspirator(but he doesn't do art anymore

(Did you watch Power Rangers growing up?) Hell yeah. you know here's a funny story. I am quite skilled with a sword(so far only single edged) and I took karate for like 10 years(currently 2nd degree black belt.) so when my master announced he was [finally] opening a sword class I was ecstatic and joined immediately. Well I was immediately one of the best (and oldest) students in the class. I frankly thank that sword skill to power rangers. But yeah I don't really have a complete and total knowledge of them, because when I was growing up it was kinda staggered around, like the channel I watched it on didn't really show them in order (basically they kinda threw a dart at the wall of all power ranger episodes and said "We'll show that one today!" But I have seen most if not all of Wild Force(AWESOME). And I saw Ninja storm all the way through(it was pretty good), Dino Thunder(I liked what they did with the tommy thing. I lolled so hard), SPD(not bad) and mystic force (It was.... half decent), and recently I saw the hall of shame known as Power Ranger Super Samurai (SMH)

(Do you have a favourite Anime?) I'm not a hardcore Anime guy, but I like Bleach(haven't seen all the way through), Naruto(seen original series pretty much the whole way through), Soul Eater(they just started to show it on Toonami), bobobo was good, and original beyblade kicked ass, Yu-gi-oh FTW(fuck the abridged series!)
But yeah out of all of those I have to go with Soul eater. So much luls

(Do you own a gaming console like a PS3/Xbox 360?) Yeah 360, but I don't have live and I haven't played it for years(long story)

(Favourite non-Fallout: Equestria pony fics in the following categories...

Memory Pending.
and... crap there was a doctor whooves one. oh well I don't have that much time to read anyway

(Your Favourite Fallout: Equestria fics? Besides the original.) This will lose me some fans, but fuck that. Project Horizons (started awesome, getting..... kind of stale now. it really hit me with the casanova batpony, that by all rights should have been the love sick puppy that followed blackjack everywhere and into countless dangers just to get some), Pink Eyes (SO MUCH DAW!), Heroes (beautiful work), and MN7 (Started out slow. I literally skipped a lot of some chapters b/c it was monotonous)

(Stories you would like to think, exist in the canon of Project Polymorph.) Again I haven't read all that many, but I would like to say that maybe... my friends fic (xxxGhostxxx) Ranger Redemption. maybe, but yeah once I've read others I'll get back to you on this one.

(Favourite Drink?) Mountain Dew for the win! It's the beverage of champions

(Do you have a special diet i.e, Vegan, Vegetarian etc.)

(Favourite Console only game or game series?) Wouldn't quite know, but probably Halo.

(Favourite PC Only game or game series?) Antichamber. I beat it in a weekend. I don't know what all the hype about the difficulty is

(Do you have a favourite Final Fantasy?) Haven't played any. But I want to

(Any favourite TV shows?) Monk, L&O, L&O:SVU, Common Law, Big Bang Theory, [recently] GoT, Doctor Who(love it!)

(Who do you find more irritating? Justin Bieber or Fred?) Why must I choose?

(Have you played L.A. Noire? Or any other Rockstar game like Grand Theft Auto, Red Dead Redemption, Max Payne 3?) No

(Do you read online Webcomics?) No, but this chick showed me a funny one once so I may get into them

(How far into Littlepip's story does Project Polymorph start? Or does it happen prior to it?) Hard one. I actually don't know. I am gonna need help with that actually

(Do you have a favourite pony shipping romance?) I'm a strong RD x AJ supporter.

(Do you watch any Pony animation series? Like My Little Portal, The .Mov series or Doctor Whooves and Assistant?) .MOV. SO. MUCH. LAUGHS.

(Have you ever played XCOM: Enemy Unknown? Or any other strategy type games like Dawn of War 2, Shogun 2: Total War, Age of Empires 3 etc.) no

(Favourite Fallout gun?) A many way tie between: Lincoln's Repeater, Xuanlong assault rifle, Zhu-Rong v418 Chinese pistol(because come on. that shit is awesome), The Terrible Shotgun, AER14 prototype, All-American, Holorifle(because again. that shit is awesome)

(Favourite Fallout: Equestria gun?) Well Either Lil Mac, or Subtly,

(Worst game you ever played?) Has to be. BY FAR. BY FAR: Eragon the game

(Best game you ever played?) There are so many. Why must you make me choose?

(Favourite Cult classic videogame?) Postal 2

(Favourite rebooted videogames?) Duke Nukem forever, because fuck you I liked it.

(Favourite rebooted movie?) Hmmmm I don't quite know

(Favourite Cult Classic Movie?) Rocky Horror Picture Show

(Do you like Pony Tumblr's? And do you follow any?) Ask Puppy smiles, Ask Silver Storm, ask velvet, ask little pip, miss homage, Murkynumberseven, ask-bulletholes-and-slugs, Ask ditzy ghoul, ask security, boo project horizons(b/c she is best PH character), Ask Princess Molestia, Requiem Pony, Ask the slaves, ask zerum hooves, and ask discord hooves.

(Online Achievements/Trophies in videogames. Do you find them annoying or okay?) No opinion.

(What do you think of the current, new layout on this site?) love it. I don't like my notifications to be constantly spammed with story additions so this has to different notification systems. One for threads, watches, comments/replies, and favorites, and one for everything else.

(Favourite My Little Pony villain?) Discord. He's just... so fucking hilarious. Drank a GLASS of chocolate milk!

(Favourite Fallout: Equestria + other FOE fic villains?) Heroes silver tongue.

(Do you like the Warhammer 40,000 universe? Would you include any weapons from that universe like Rippers (Fallout 3 Chainswords, dagger sized.), Autocannons etc.) never played it

(Have you played Bastion? If not, what are you doing? Go play it fool! ^_^) I'll look it up

(Do you have any favourite online shows like reviews by the Nostalgia Critic?) Angry Video Game Nerd bitches.

(Your favourite song, from as mnay genre's as you like to list off.)Ensiferum: Victory Song, Battle Song, One more magic potion; Blind Guardian straight through the mirror.

(Gun-kata, silly or awesome?) wut?

(Favourite Movie Trilogy?) LoTR

(Expendables 3, who would you like to see in it?) first must see the first two

(Favourite modern cartoon (Made in the last 4-5 years)) Adventure time

(Favourite classic cartoon?) Samurai Jack. it was never given a proper ending

(Who would you like to do a crossover with?) Oh wow *blush* anyone really

(Cutie Bell, why u so adorable?) Cutie Bell: u-uhm w-what do you mean? *tilts head to side slightly*

(Is Quick Scope any good at building weapons by hoof? Like Railway Rifles, Dart Guns, Rock-It Launchers & Hellhound Hoof claws?) well.... I suppose he's decent

(Your favourite alcoholic drink and Quick Scope's.) I'm not 21, but Quickie's is Whiskey

(Any unique Environmental hazards planned?)

(Who do you imagine Quick Scope sounding like?) You know. I don't know. if some one could tell me what they imagine he sounds like i could probably try and find a voice clip and see if I can imagine it, But I kinda imagine him having a sort of exasperated tone, raspy, deep