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Thanks for the favorite on Fallout Equestria: Fallen Angels.
Was there anything in particular you liked?

Oh, and thank you for the watch too, I really appreciate it.:twilightsmile:

A big thanks for the fave of Journey to the center of Equestria my dear. May you enjoy the chapters to come.


true... you got me there

Also, try my other fics if you'd be so kind

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Blog 1: Also a test blog but not at the same time. · 3:13am Feb 22nd, 2015

Hello and welcome to my first blog post I am The Bronie Pony nice to meet you. This blog post is mostly to inform but I still suggest you read through it. Okay first order of business is a little info on my intent on this here web site. I can not write a good story or even a story that will make sense if my life depended on it. I learned this the hard and very hurtful way :fluttershysad: but that's in the past now isn't it. So back to my original point like I said I can't write to well so I

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