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In this group new members can upload their stories here and comment on each new one. Don't be too harsh with comments please as we want a positive community feeling. New members can learn from their mistakes from other users who point out their story flaws. If you feel like you have improved your story writing feel free to upload your stories to the "Improved Story" folder.

Theres only a few rules around the group

1. When posting Teen/Mature stories which involve gore/sex please submit them in the correct folder

2. Its okay to be honest with someone about their work but don't take it to a point were it can hurt their feelings

3. Stay cool

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I really wish I'd found this group before I posted my first story

Comment posted by FALG deleted Dec 16th, 2013

hay ime hoping some one can reed my story im righting
its my first pony story and its only just the begging part whar it introduces the main character and the first impressions he gets of pony vile

its called (genesis in ponyvile)
its just what i called it for now , i don't know if you can get it on my page since im still learning this site but if you can see it or you know how to do it just let me know

Well everypony, it appears that there hasn't been a lot of traffic here for a while. Anyway, check out my new story The Toymaker! It isn't finished, but that just means that your feedback would have that much more of an impact.

How do I add my story to this group? It doesn't let me do it.

hello everybody,
my story is Spike the Knight, a Spike centered adventure story, and hopefully part of a longer narrative

Hello... I'd like to know what you think of my story... I'm pretty nervous. It's called Equestria's chain of conflicts

This group seems really positive :pinkiehappy: so... let me give it a shot? I'm working on a fic called Second Person with Ponies It's gotten postivie feedback so far but, I love to here everypony's opinion! :twilightsmile:

I'm always willing to help provide feedback, and I know a lot about how to put together a story. If you ever want some friendly feedback, send me a PM!

Been writing "Her Candidates" for a month now, and I got 10 chapters released, with 3 others down the line. I'd like it if peeps could read my fic and give me your thoughts.


hey, I was wondering if anyone would tell me how I'm doing so far for my first fic, thanks :derpytongue2:

I first wrote this last year and spent a month and a half writing it. It wasn't until recently that I took it back up and revised it. I revised all of it myself except for the prologue which was done by a friend. Plz check it out and tell me what everyone thinks :derpytongue2:

Hi there all,

First time posting so nice to be here :pinkiehappy:
I am in the process of writing my first fic and have the prologue finished.

I was wondering if I could get opinions from people, though I know it isn't
much to go on. It's just so I can get an idea from people.

Waning Light is its current name though I'm not 100% set on it yet

Peace and love,
White out

I wrote this a while ago... okay a few months ago and not so much happened. I should share it more earlier, but... anyways. Hope you like it... :raritywink:Dhuradhan In Equestria
And please don't think I wrote this about myself. Dhuradhan is just a name that I and my OC have. If I'm right it's not called self insert or whatever. :twilightoops:
Good night. :eeyup:

Well, I have started to work on this one, Equestria's chain of conflicts, so please tell me what you think

Having a bit of trouble adding mine as well...

I apologize but could you tell me what you think? I'm a little nervous on how it is turning out...:ajsleepy:
Finding Perfect Harmony

It's I Could Never Leave You Behind

By the way, I can't put anything in this group. It won't let me.

285049 Well I've been away FOREVER so I guess ill take a look :twilightsmile:

I have a story I wrote and have already been told that it's bad but of course I don't believe that. I just want to find someone who likes it because I don't think it's that horrible. Is there anyone who wants to read a presumably bad story just to boost my confidence? Yes? :applecry:

And again thank you for viewing this group

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