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The Great and Powerful Rap · 4:21am Apr 25th, 2013

It’s time to show these mother effers my magic.
I’m back to show you up like in the past. The pain is nostalgic.
Just try and see what the Great and Powerful can achieve.
My magic’s better than last we met. Y’all better believe.
You try to make me look bad, but yet I’m here for more.
This ain’t just a battle. This time it means war.
I’ll make history solely on the base that I’m a prodigy.
I’m not bein’ pretentious. I’m only speakin honestly.

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Things that I think would be pretty cool

Props to Regidar for giving me this idea.

[] Get invited to a con
[] Get Ovethrown to 1,000 likes
[] Get 100 followers
[] Get 300 followers
[] Get 500 followers
[] Get Mandopony to do a live reading of Mando Pls Stay
[X] Get one of my stories featured on the main page
[] Get someone to make me a Flitter plushie (with or without the eye patch)
[X] Make and sell some merch related to my fics

LunarX Merch

Hey, everyone! Guess what! Overthrown shirts are now on sale!

Here's the current design.
Shirts come in S-XL in white (sorry, no other colors quite yet).
Each shirt is $25 plus shipping and handling.
Contact me if you have any questions about ordering.

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what you get killed?

Hey i'm horny, Make more train porn

421045 well she needs some questions if you want more of her so be sure to follow! lol the first comic will be up soon!

This... is probably the greatest thing I have ever seen in my life.

Pssst... hey! It is now a thing. :3


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