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Castok the Shadow

Humans... Humans everywhere


All fathers are proud of their children since the day they were born.

Even those who are adopted, fathers are proud of their children.

But sometimes even when they are so proud of their children going the right way that they were shown.

Sometimes it is best to stop.

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Comments ( 20 )

FUCK I must punch bear to regain manliness

F--Fah--Fah... Fahter? Is that... erm, statue thing... crying? :unsuresweetie:

6039524 Yes, young one:ajsleepy:. Yes it is

Sometimes it is best to stop.

Wise words. My advice is to follow them.

That's... ironically depressing. :derpyderp2:

6039641 Is it:applejackconfused:?.... Huh, I learned something new today:applejackunsure:

6038851 Four bears I think will do

Were you inspired by kungfu panda near the end?

6039916 Yes, good on you for noticing it:pinkiesmile:

This is extremely similar to my story, God of Darkness, though I'm sure that it's just a coincidence.

6039890 many thanks we must an ex Russia for bears

bro u need to make a squeal

I don't know, It could been hard because he died

>>Castock the Shadow
k but would it be cool if there was a way to make a squeal bruh:applecry:

6121189 Hmm, it will be hard to make a sequel.

But I could make a prequel so you can see how discord brought up his son and how he turned to the dark side of chaos:trixieshiftright:

>>Castock the Shadow

Oppps said wrong word oooooooo

Konfu panda intro

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