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Discord the mysterious former mad king of Equestria has an history that nopony knows about, an history written in no book, no magic tome nor scroll. throughout history there is not one mention of his race the Draconequus no race or creed knew of his existence till after he claimed the throne of Equestria. Not even the princesses themselves know much about the ancient Draconequus all they know is what their mother Faust had told them yet what little she could tell them didn't made sense ''One day he simply appeared lost in the snow''

Join us as we travel back in time to ancient Equestria and discover the very origins of Discord himself. Come listen to the tales of past for Legends are born of the truth that once was and shall be once again.

This fic was inspired by these songs

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What happens when an Timber wolf goes to Ponyville for an new start on life........how will the Ponies take it when one of the most feared monsters of the Everfree enters their town for the purpose of living among them? Even worse what will happen to the little town of Ponyville when somepony starts to fall for the Wolf in Wood!

Oh boy I need an hard drink

The cover art is what I believe to be what the Timber wolves should look like
Now enhanced with artwork by _vidz_

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During a scouting mission, Bright Justice, Smoke Bomb, and SgtMaj Dusky come across an injured changeling who they bring before Celestia. Since Changelings are outlawed in Equestria, the changeling is instantly thrown into the dungeon under the watch of Bright Justice and his companion, Cloudy Steel. Knowing that the poor changeling is innocent, Bright and Cloudy won't stand for an innocent creature behind bars.

originally by GodOfBBQ

Adopted by me, Lord Despair an old fan of the fic now it's new Author I hope you fans will love me as you him

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The Everfree forest.

It is a blemish upon the beautiful face that is Equestria. They say that it is a land shrouded in chaos, where the plants, the weather, and the denizens of the forest themselves all act on their own accord. It is commonly regarded as a place of evil, for the natural laws of Equestria do not apply to it.

While most tend to steer clear of the accursed forest, one too many accidents within it have prompt the need to finally remove the Everfree once and for all. The princesses, in response to the request of ponies as well as their own opinions, have opted to have every inch of the Everfree cut down for the creation of a new settlement on the grounds of environmental preservation and research.

It has been three months since a logging crew had been dispatched to deal with the problem. Most of the team never returned to report their progress, and those who have were forever haunted by what they had experience...

Original Author Zelkova48
Adopted by Lord Despair

featured on May 12 2016

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