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I'm a comic artist and illustrator. And my fav MLP is Rarity, also love Sparity. my dA http://pia-sama.deviantart.com

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Spike left Ponyville to live in Canterlot two years ago. Now he is back, and Rarity is stunned by what she sees. What happened before he left and what will happen now? What will Rarity do with her feelings, and how does he feel about her now?

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Spike is now a teenage dragon, and his love for certain white unicorn is stronger than ever, while she's not completely aware of her feelings, and has to fight to keep her little sister in line before a new disaster explodes. Although generosity may help keeping greed away, could also become a two-edged sword, and Twilight is worried about Ponyville being destroyed again as it happened three years ago.

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