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One summer morning, young Princess Celestia meets a draconequus named Discord. Their lives are forever intertwined and they live out the centuries in various states of friendship and animosity. Rated Teen for violent deaths of OCs

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:rainbowderp: Woah. That's pretty dark, even for Discord.

Quite good! :pinkiehappy:

I liked this, your premise is very interesting, I'll make sure to read the following chapters later :pinkiesmile:

Ohmaigosh! What's gonna happen?! MOAR :pinkiegasp:

Dude excellent representation of Discord! Keep up the great work.:twilightsmile:


Your lack of comments disturbs me. This was a very original idea and I lile where this is going. MOAR!:rainbowkiss:

Your lack of comments disturbs me. This was a very original idea and I lile where this is going. MOAR!:rainbowkiss:

:heart:I have always loved Discord and this story is so damn good i cant wait for chapter 7:heart:

:pinkiehappy:Wow! Thank you all so much for the kind words, and more is on the way!

Can I please have MOAR sir?

I almost feel sorry for discord......but no, he deserved that.

Please continue, can't wait!:rainbowwild:

Yay, finally updated. It did seem kind of hasty, but not so fast that the story loses depth. Good job, I can hardly wait for what's next.

I feel bad for discord. good story bro.

Yeah, I didn't really allow myself the time I usually do for a chapter with this one, but I'm still glad to hear that everypony's still enjoying it! :twilightsmile:Expect more in about two weeks.


discord didn't deserve this ...he only wanted to have a little fun :fluttercry:

Yay! You updated. :moustache:
Well done, my friend. Glad I tracked.
Do please keep going.

It was a wonderful story and i hope you continue wrting after this.

Thanks for the compliment and I'm not done with this one just yet....

This story can NOT end here :flutterrage:


ah discord! no matter what you do...you make me smile

WAH why can't Discord just play nice?
Excellent story, I hope you continue to write more wonderfulness :pinkiehappy: :heart:

Hey, I just saw your story on EqD!

Yeah, I was just as surprised when they actually accepted it.

"Going against all his rules about not repeating his chaos, he snapped his fingers and created massive cotton candy storm clouds, just waiting to burst with chocolate dairy drink. “Haven’t lost my touch in the least,” he said to himself as he removed his eagle claw from his body and patted himself on the back with it."
I can just imagine Discord doing that. I laughed way harder than I should've.

Great job thus far, keep up the awesome work in future chapters. :pinkiehappy:

Ooooh that was cold, and rather cruel.

Also this chapter is totally one of my favourite episodes Tapestry. Even the title says it with the added Q. Brilliant chapter, well executed as Jean Luc had to learn before her, it is the mistakes in our youth that make us the people we are today :eeyup:

Loved this one. Tapestry was one of my favorite episodes ever, and it makes me happy that you had a reference to it, and even happier that someone else got it too. And beautifully put Tonto.

I did love the nod to the Star Trek episode.
The ending does deserve a sad trombone, though. Poor Discord. It's not going to be a pretty scene when Pinkie does finally take herself out in that cupcake baking accident and he gets loose.

Damnit I was hoping for a happy end there but oh well.

Well, so much for a happy ending. Can't wait to see what happens next.

Gosh, how I hate/love dramatic irony. Awesome chapter, I truly hope it works out for Dizzy and 'Tia.

THERE MUST BE A HAPPY ENDING! THERE MUST! I mean, Celestia just got over her centuries long hatred of him. Don't go and spoil it.
Discord deserves a happy ending.


discord will be free...won't he? :fluttercry:

OH GOD I CRIED :raritycry:
Why will no-one just accept Discord?
If Celestia snaps one of the element bearer's necks right now, will he be free?

yeah, I was debating doing the Star Trek homage until I saw Tapestry on TV a few weeks ago. Then there wasn't really any fighting it.

Discord broke out in the show one year after the Elements switched hooves. He'll be back next chapter (wouldn't have much of a story otherwise!)

The image of Celestia going Solid Snake on some pony just made me lol harder than it should've. :trollestia: You win 3.5 internetz my good sir. Don't spend them all in one place.

I would truthfully like to say this is my favorite fanfic ever. It made discord my new favprite too. I love the story, and even wrote of it. Will there be more or is the story done?

This is pretty damn good, very tragic. I imagine that Celestia will be spending a lot of her free time around Discord until he's free again, just talking to him. Doubly so if she knows that he can hear her. And the Mane 6 are dead?! :applecry:

Thanks. I guess I did a good job when I've actually managed to convince someone who REAL best pony is. :ajsmug: And if you don't mind me asking, where did you write about the story? I'd love to read it!:pinkiehappy:

This is nearly eighty years after the events of the show. Wrote it under the (pessimistic, but probably accurate) assumption that Discord won't be back in the show. To break the enchantment and get him out again, unfortunately somepony would have to die. Sorry AJ.

204130 I'll give you a link when I'm done with it. I'm still playing around with it a little.:twilightsmile:

:pinkiesick: and I was like ugggh! Why do these chapters have to end!? This was so good! Please continue, and Tracking! slightly delusional(only a pinch) or not, Discord needs to stay, to complete his quest!

im amazed she didnt ask him to save her parents wonder what that would be like having him never kill her parents

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