• Published 20th Dec 2011
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A Heart of Stone - BorgiaBrony

One summer morning, young Prnicess Celestia meets a draconequus named Discord...

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Chapter 11: "Discord Rules, Celestia Drools"

A Heart of Stone
Chapter 11

As the stone fell off his body the next morning, all the pain and anger from the last millennium came right out to the forefront. Now he was going to make everyone pay for it. All of it. After he had removed the last fragment of granite from his shoulder, he began his slow yet purposeful march towards the castle gates. The grass beneath his feet singed after each heavy step. He stopped and looked up into Luna’s placid night sky. Instantly he knew that this harmony simply wouldn’t do for such a momentous occasion. He was going to seize Equestria, after all! So with a snap of his fingers, the stars above began to plummet to the earth, destroying buildings and anything else in their way as they hit the ground with brilliant lights glaring. Nopony screamed, Nopony ran, they just let it happen. In fact, he could scarcely see anypony anywhere.

He arrived at the drawbridge only to find it closed, but that wasn’t going to stop him. He conjured up two massive scissors that hovered just next to the chains holding the bridge up. The chains gave forth an audible crunching before the drawbridge itself hit the ground hard, shattering the silence of the cool night air. The locked gate behind the bridge was even less of a problem. He threw open his talon and in a few short seconds, the entire locking mechanism for the gate ripped clean out of the door and landed in his palm, handle and all. The door slowly fell backwards and hit the castle floor with a thud.

As soon as he walked through the threshold into the main hall, he got right to work with his “redecorating”. The black and white banners featuring the sisters’ cutie marks were the first things to go. They were all either immediately ripped off or replaced by other banners entirely, the design of which was Discord’s completely animated hands crushing both of the marks into a fine powder over and over again. The rugs quickly found themselves stuck to the ceilings above, as if the gravity in the room had stopped working. As he walked by them, the opulent stained glass windows at the top of the stairwell were shattered, as if a massive boulder had flown through them from the outside. The razor sharp shards of glass flew all over the floor, effectively making the main hall something of a minefield.

As he walked through the halls causing extra mayhem wherever he could, he came across the double doors that lead to the kitchen. He swung them open, hoping to scare some poor sap half to death, but there was nopony to be found. “Oh well,” he chuckled, “Might as well work on some surprises for when they come back!” He reached into the fridge and pulled out a carton of freshly squeezed orange juice. He examined it facetiously in his palm for a few seconds before finally opening it and pouring a bit of it on the floor. Instead of a delicious juice, eight or nine full oranges fell to the ground, rolling all around the kitchen. Next, he rigged the eggs to hatch whenever the carton was opened up. Next, he fiddled with the stove dial until a brilliant pillar of fire shot up from the surface and began slithering through the air like some sort of flying snake. He couldn’t help but picture their faces when all the pony chefs were tripping over baby chicks, rolling around on oranges, all the while dodging the flames emitted by the psychotic-stove. Priceless.

While he was walking briskly through the castle, tearing banners down here and turning pillars into string cheese there, he came across a long forgotten music hall. The room was strange and alien to him, since it hadn’t been around in his younger years. It must’ve run its course of usefulness entirely while he was imprisoned. The red satin seats have long since been tarnished, now resembling some sickening dark brown color. The stage, probably once host to some of Equestria’s greatest musical minds, was now home only to spider webs and mice. Bats hung from the beautifully carved marble pillars, unaware of the fact that their bed was once a piece of fine art. Everything about the room loudly shouted the echoes of extravagance from ages ago.

He slowly walked up the aisles, taking in the ruin of the scene. He was slightly disappointed that there was nothing to destroy here, and for a brief moment, considered fixing it up so that he could wreck it his own way, but he quickly dashed the thought. “Anything I do would be an improvement at this point,” he said out loud. Still, it was a shame that there was an entire hall that was basically untouchable. With slight agitation, he turned around back toward the door. When he got there, though, he realized the decrepit old room may have some minor use to it after all. Behind the door was an abandoned set of instruments: a cello, viola, and the two violins, to be exact. Covered in dust and cobwebs, the instruments barely looked playable. A full four string quartet, just begging to be woken up from their long hibernation for one last hurrah. It didn’t take long for him to make up his mind.

When he kicked in the doors to the Canterlot Tower, the quartet was floating behind him, playing its final, dissonant, melody: a louder, more powerful rendition of Beethoofen’s Ninth Symphpony. He snapped his fingers once again and created a carbon copy of himself. He looked at his self-made clone, bowed, and asked him “May I have this dance?” The clone nodded joyfully, and the two Discords began to waltz up to the vault where Celestia kept the Elements. As they danced up the middle of the hall, the two Discords snapped their fingers at each and every stained glass window, warping the great moments in Equestria’s history to images of his own great victories. The window depicting his initial defeat was replaced by one of him corrupting Jupiter and Solara. His defeat at the hooves of Twilight Sparkle was instead one showing how he drove her and her friends so far apart. And perhaps the most slanderous one of all, the window showing him actively making ponies miserable, was altered to show how he killed his father to protect them.

When the chaotic duo finally reached the vault, the real Discord snapped his copy out of existence. There was but one thing left to do now. He turned his arm into Celestia’s horn and inserted into the keyhole. The brilliant blue lights lit up like they always had, but this time, they bore a special, foreboding meaning. For him, this was it. He had finally won beyond a shadow of a doubt. He was about to seize the only things in the world that could possibly stop him, and he wouldn’t be so foolish as to give anypony even a small chance again. No, this time there would be no unexpected comebacks. He had all the bases covered. When the door creaked open, he hastily pulled the Elements from their case and made for the throne room.

A few hours later, he found himself sitting on his horned throne looking out at all he had done. The main hall, kitchen, the tower and finally the throne room, had all fallen to his anarchy. Celestia’s throne was cast out the window, the light blue tiles had been replaced by his gaudy purple checker board design, and the Elements of Harmony were nailed to the wall directly behind him, with second nails driven into the first nails for good measure. Finally. All the chaos and none of the imprisonment. “This is the life,” he thought to himself, as he started to nod off to sleep in his throne.

Almost as quickly as he had closed them, his eyelids flew back open. Something was wrong with this whole thing. Nopony was around all night, nopony woke up during his rampage throughout the castle, and heck there wasn’t even a guard on duty. No, no, no, no. Something was amiss. At this point, though, a trap was highly unlikely, because the sisters never would have let him get so far as to get the Elements. No, there was something else going on in Canterlot…that was more important than he was!

He darted his head back and forth to look for clues. Back and forth, back and forth, until he had stopped bothering to stop turning his head and his neck twisted around like it was made of taffy. With the elasticity of a rubber band, his head speedily spun back to its normal position, and when he regained his sense of sight from the dizziness, he could see a single pony urgently running past the door. Needless to say, Discord chased right after him.

When he finally arrived, Discord was fairly surprised to see hundreds of ponies clustered into one of smaller hallways. It had to be the entire population of Canterlot, and then some! Stallions, mares, and fillies, they all were reverently staring at a set of white and yellow double doors that lay on the opposite side of the hall. “Whatever is so important is just behind that door,” Discord thought. He started making his way through the crowd. “Making his way through the crowd,” of course meaning literally tossing ponies out of his way to create a path for himself. He had to ignore the ponies’ gasps of horror as he moved deeper into the throng. When he got up to the door, he firmly grasped the diamond door-handle and indignantly proclaimed, “I don’t know how much you ponies know about me, but last time I checked in, I’m kind of a big deal! So whatever is behind this door had better be pretty damn…” the doors swung open and he bit his tongue nearly in two. There, lying asleep in a beautiful canopy bed was Celestia. Her coat was gray, not with his magic, but with extreme age. Her mane had lost its flowing glory, and had returned to the pinkish color it had been when she was young, but it too, was tarnished and dull in color. Luna stood next to her bedside, weeping her eyes out.

Celestia was dying.