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History isn't fair.
Books tell of the terrible spirit of disharmony, Discord, and how he ruled Equestria in a perpetual state of unrest and unhappiness.
But, what is there to be found when we delve deeper into the past? What are the origins of this mysterious and chaotic creature?
Take a dive into the past, to the time forgotten by all, except one.

Chapters (4)
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Comments ( 50 )

I approve. Those things called "stars"? Yup, you get five of 'em.

What Syn said. Five starred. Your story made sad, happy and amazed. I love it. :pinkiecrazy:

This was actually really good!! Why does it say it is incomplete though? Does he start writting again after he gets free from his stone prison?

Sorry, that was a mistake.:facehoof: It actually ended already.

Quite a few grammatical errors, but the story itself is quite moving. Have somepony edit for you and I can guarantee that you'll go far, kind sir.

I thank thee, kind sirs.

Thanks. I purposely published this without anyone pre-reading because English isn't my native language and I wanted to see how well I could do without help.
As for the errors, I think I'll leave it that way. I mean, it's a diary, the errors make it seem like one, and fit especially well with the young Discord.

now i just feel bad for discord :applejackunsure:

But I don't! :pinkiecrazy:
And be assured, the one who helped him isn't either.

I've always loved Discord, and anything pertaining to him. This story is no exception. 5/5 stars.

Ah, well, if English isn't your native tongue then I'd say you did quite well :twilightsmile: . Had I known that beforehoof I likely wouldn't have even mentioned it! Also, I suppose I can understand why you would want to keep the errors there, as it is a diary and going back to fix past entries in one's diary is probably a practice seldom done.
To summarize that, I retract my former complaint and would like to congratulate you again on a great story :yay: . If you wouldn't mind me asking, what is your native language?

I thank you. Your critic is greatly appreciated.
My native language is Spanish.
Also, if you liked this story, you might want to follow me because I'm currently working on a much bigger story. This story here was kind of a... how could you say it? Inspireception? I got the idea from my other story.
I hope you're also there to comment on my other project.
Until next time 191319.

Very well! :pinkiesmile: Consider yourself followed! (Which I did of course intend to say in the most innocent of ways lol, in hindsight it sounds intensely creepy :pinkiecrazy: )

Buck yea, will read. Thank you, EqD.

I now want to do an audio variant of this story.
Throughout it I either started to voice the entries in the character voice (adapting later from a Layton-esqe accent before entering true De Lancie stylings), which is a good sign of story writing.

It also seems to fix the whole continuity problem fans had to the Discord/Celestia situation by having their relation entirely minimal.

Again, thank you for the interesting read.

Amazing... just.... wow. Absolutely fantastic.

Wow wonderful! Meaningful and one of the most interesting stories I have read with a creative theme. Consider me a fan (: :rainbowkiss:

WHOA WHOA WHOA! Obvious contradiction to canon here, good buddy! :applejackconfused: In this chapter you claim that Starswirl the Bearded lived EIGHT HUNDRED YEARS before Discord! However, in "Luna Eclipsed" Twilight says he lived two hundred years after Nightmare Moon's banishment! And let us not forget, Discord ruled Equestria millenia before that, before he was overthrown by Celestia and Luna working together.

I am very, very disappointed in you, young man. Now go to your room and think about what you've done. :ajbemused:

...Having read it now, I can honestly say I don't understand how this got past the EqD pre-readers. There were a plethora of grammar and punctuation mistakes, several contradictions to canon, etc.

Don't get me wrong, the concept was sound. This story needed to be written. But I'm afraid it has been written badly. I understand English isn't your native language, all things considered you did pretty well.Sorry, just being honest.

On the upside, the story itself was very meaningful and intriguing. I still enjoyed it immensely, warts and all.

Quite the enjoyable read. I haven't read something like this in some time. 5 stars, and a extra follower.

Thank you for your critic.
Canon error? Horse-apples.:raritydespair: Too late now. But wait, in the episode "Hearth's Warming Eve" Clover the Clever claimed to be Star Swirl's student, and in the opening Spike said "Long before the peaceful rule of Celestia". If we keep in mind that Celestia and Luna came to power right after trapping Discord in stone, and Discord was nowhere to be seen in the presentation, then we come to the conclusion that Star Swirl lived BEFORE Discord's rule.
Plus, I watched "Luna Eclipsed" again. The only moment where our dear Twilight :twilightsmile: says "two-hundred" is in this line:
"He created more than two-hundred spells..."
If I'm wrong, please point me out at what moment does Twilight say that Star Swirl lived 200 years after Luna's banishment. I made a really hard effort to respect the official timeline, so it is really important for me.
Most of the grammar errors were intended. We can't expect a teenager or a six-year-old kid writing flawlessly, can we?
Sorry you didn't like it, but you still took the time to read it, and I appreciate that. :raritywink:

I'm writing another story. Follow me to get notified when it comes out.

one of the best stories I've ever read...

Congrats on getting featured on EQD.

:pinkiesmile: I thank thee mate.

Sequel. Please.

I feel like we traded "Discord the Villain" with "Ponies the Villain".

Of course, this being written from the subjective perspective of Discord he might've not said the whole truth. I don't believe things were as simple as he claims, nor that all of ponykind suddenly became violent bigots. They ostracised Zecora mainly because of where she lived, and even then it wasn't the whole town, and Gilda was accepted pretty openly.


Well, sure you can do that to a peaceful Zebra...
But mess with Gilda, who seemed to mess with everyone? Don't think so.

But as for this story. I greatly enjoyed the diary format, it was a good read.
I didn't notice any world ending mistakes either, and the concept of Discord being a poker player was awesome.
Any chance you're a wonderful artist too? I need a wallpaper of Discord "The King" holding 4 aces.
Or a Royal Flush with himself as King, Celestia as Queen and so on... :pinkiesmile:

I'm sorry to say this story will have no direct sequel, but, and this goes to those that considered Discord's rise to power too sudden, one of my future stories will explain the source of Discord's powers.

I'm going to disappoint you mate, but I'm an awful painter. That's why my story has no image. :applejackunsure:

199596 I'm not sure what you're getting at. Did you mean they hid from Zecora because they thought she was harmless?


I just felt the need to ask: Professor Layton?! If so, I love you - no homo.

Wow :derpyderp2: This story is awesome! :pinkiehappy: I love the character development!

Those bullies need a Beat-down :pinkiecrazy:

Well I think its a good story :D
even if it does not specifically follow canon :derpytongue2:197054

Fantastic! :pinkiehappy:

Still feel bad for Discord and his species though... :fluttercry:

Saw that? I still don't understand why AnonyMouse said there were canon errors. I don't seem to be able to find them.
Could YOU point them out?

Great story. I would loved it more if the part of Discord´s reign and fall would been more detailed.

While everyone is slamming you for grammar errors, I'm honestly crying. I personally have a bond with Discord, being the outcast in schools, and this hit home. I... understand.


Well, i can certainly tell that english isn't your first language, but, save for a few odd phrasings, i thought that it was a very good story.
I especially liked the way that the narrative of the story was carried out through discord's diary; very clever.
For your next story, it wouldn't hurt to have some editors/pre-readers whose first language is english. But regardless, i am looking forward to what you will write next!

You can count on it! :twilightsmile:

Though there were grammatical mistakes throughout, I thought they were just fine, and, at times, enhanced the effect of the story. For one, it's a diary. Perfect grammar shouldn't be expected, especially during Discord's younger entries. Secondly, English isn't your native language. So very well done in that regard.

As for the story itself... I'm impressed. I thought the first 3 chapters/books displayed a character that I could relate to, with his struggles to first fit in, and then to raise his family happily. The final book, I thought, took it up a notch and displayed Discord's tragic descent into madness. Very well done and many a manly tear were shed by the end.

I'm looking forward to your next story.

This quit interesting. I like it.:pinkiehappy:

This chapter was short but It was sad.::fluttershysad::

This was an excellent read. Thank You.:pinkiehappy:

This was the first story I read on here. And it's amazing!

197054 Not only is it not true that anypony ever said that Starswirl lived 200 years after Nightmare Moon's banishment, it wouldn't make the slightest bit of sense. How would Luna be so familiar with his appearance if she had never seen him? And do you think Equestria was founded after NMM's banishment, or do you think Clover the Clever was a time traveler?

Nor do we have any idea when Discord rules or when Equestria was founded before "more than a thousand years ago."

August 17, 756

...I'm kind of getting the hang on taking more than one pony at once, but they still manage to overpower me must of the time.

Should say most.

The way the books are written are meant to reflect Discord's age at the moment.
By the time of the first book, Discord is still too young to care about proper spelling and grammar.

182797 In what story will we find out who that is?

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