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Well, I'm Not Dead. Yet. · 12:50pm Jul 27th, 2013

But I think you might kill me for waiting this long to get Ghosts of the Past up. Oh well. I blame moving.

On the other side of the news, I did get this done... 7 monthes past when I said I'd have it up. However, I feel it was worth it, for I've done as good a job writing this as I can!

Oh, and the reason I could get this up? Insomnia. Yeah. Sucks, but hey, gave me an excuse to finish it.

Edit: It might take a while for GotP to show up... I'm posting this after submitting the story.

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The years have come to pass
without so much as a word,
despite the stories amassed
Itchy can't be again lur'd

But tales move on,
or so it appears
the writer shan't be drawn
to disperse the drears

As I know now, our Survivor departs
and may remain forever gone;
with simmering nostalgia stricken in heart,
I bid the farewell, our Mecha-nii-san

You my fine sir, need more views and/or followers.

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