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Car crash · 12:20pm May 9th, 2014

Okay so a car hit me when I was on my bike and as I rolled over the pavement it broke my phone, which is where chapter 10 of A Foal in Sane is located. I'll have it replaced but I may have to rewrite it. Good thing I'll have plenty of time while I'm recovering. You can check out my sweet colored cover art for now.

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Thanks for faving "The Dusk Guard: Rise!" Check out the Q&A on the blog if you can!

607132I am digging it so far. You have a really good characterization and dramatic narrative flow.

Spike has begun a journey, and as Zenith continues I hope that the story keeps you interested and that it continues to earn the Fave you've given it!:moustache::twilightsheepish:

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