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During the celebration of another victory for Equestria, Rainbow Dash asks Celestia why she never helps them fight the bad guys. She never thought the answer involves ancient history and Daybreaker...


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Another one to get into the feature box. Thank you, dear readers, I hope you enjoyed it :twilightsmile:

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Ever since becoming an alicorn, the thoughts of ending up alone were Twilight's constant companion. But she knew that no matter how many years would pass, Celestia and Luna would always be there for her. That comforting thought allowed her to go on. Until now.

With Luna dead, and Celestia on her deathbed, Twilight realized that with the crown, she got more than she bargained for. Feeling alone and betrayed, she had reluctantly decided to visit Celestia one last time...


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Apparently, the story got inside the feature box for a tiny moment. Thank you, dear readers :twilightsmile:

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Rarity planned this day to be perfect. A ladies-only, Christmas shopping, no guys, no rush, no muss, no fuss. What she didn't plan for was a rebellion of wild burritos in her gut, threatening to exterminate everyone in the shopping mall.

Now, instead of rest and relaxation, she's forced to fighting off the invasion, but it's a losing battle…


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First impressions are important. A bad one can ruin one's credibility for a long time. John Wildman - the second human to ever arrive in Equestria - is learning that the hard way.

After almost hunting down Applejack, he is trying to adjust to his new home - struggling not only against his own demons and doubts but also against prejudice and hatred.

Ashamed by the bigotry she is witnessing, Celestia is starting to wonder if her subjects are really as forgiving and kind, as she thought. Together with the help of edgy human super-soldier James "Bastard Man" Gastovski and Twilight, she is determined to figure this out and help John before it's too late.

Meanwhile, CMCs and Cheerilee are trying to figure out, why Scootaloo became reckless and vile all of a sudden - forcing new human, to be a participant of their investigation - whether he likes it, or not.

Can an outcast like John make some friends and maybe... save someone in the process?

This story can be considered somewhat of a sequel to both:


with James, as a recurring character, alongside the new guy. However, reading the above stories is NOT necessary.

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Planned story length:
90-120 K words


- Removed 'Comedy' tag - it was suggested by a lot of people that this story has become too dark, and tag should be removed. Sadly, I had to agree.

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Rainbow Dash is fast in everything - including jumping to conclusions and gossiping. One day, she eavesdrops on a rather lewd conversation between Rarity and local human and it goes downhill from there. Then Celestia gets involved...

Reviewed (negatively :duck: ) by PresentPerfect:

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Holy hell! My first ever story that got featured... feels weird. Thanks guys!

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Pinkie got back from the Crystal Empire, and it was business as usual until she noticed strange things happening around her. Is she the target of a conspiracy... or is it just her imagination?

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Hearth's Warming Eve is coming, everypony is happy... except Luna. Certain human have a little idea, to cheer her up...

1. This is my first attempt at the single chapter - 'slice of life' story so... be warned ;]

2. OC is used mainly as a plot device - this silly story is actually about Luna/Celestia

3. The story explaining who the OC is can be found here:


However this is marked with 'dark' and 'gore' tags for a reason, it's also pretty long - if you don't wanna read it - just assume he is ordinary human (even if that's faaaar from being true ;] )

As always - constructive criticism is very welcome.

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