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This is a group for stories that break the laws of fanfiction, and in some cases, the rules of the site in general. Most people can add stories to this group if you feel said stories commit crimes against fan fiction, literature, or even just the English language.

The forum can be used to shed light on such stories, as well as reviews of said stories (which will be called Content Detectives), or even discuss tips and tools for better improving your/other's stories.

There will also be a folder for this group for stories that break site rules that will only be edited and added to by the admins of the group. Even if people can get banned for false reports against stories, I don't want people joining here to stir up witch hunts.

We now have a Discord server!

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420383 No. You'd have to stick it in the 911 folder, and it'll go from there.

Can you submit a story in hopes that it will be rejected? Specifically could I submit a story to the Marysuetopie file in hopes it will be rejected as the OC is not really a Mary Sue?

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Is this group dead? If you need more reviewers I could try reviewing some fics.


Fiction Cops

"High octane, poor execution"
For fics that have decent concepts but are written poorly. Either not enough description or to little. Also maybe a bad crossovers folder?

419450 What other folders would you recommend, now that I have Gore and Edge squared away?

Oh cool I see you added them. *cough* *tottaly don't have story that would be perfect for the edge folder.*

419448 Movie made me admin, so I can make folders now. I'll do the Gore and Edge folders separately.

About a "The Edge Is Real Jesus Kun" for supa edgy stories.

419443 I'd recommend pitching MM via forums for moar folders. I'd already recommended a Gorefest one.

Oh okay, I get that.

419441 It is not bad if executed properly. It's merely a thing that differentiates a story from the other two folders (that, and there are folks who don't like foalcons.)

The group is also short on folders, but I'm pitching Movie Master to add moar folders to fix it.

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