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Friendships don't always last, time isn't always well-spent, and not everyone gets a happy ending. Everypony has their regrets, paths not taken, failures and lost loves. Sometimes, it's too late for second chances.

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By Celestia that was good! For whatever reason I thought it would be terrible (probably from past sadfics), but wow.

5 Stars, mate!

It's so sad. I mean, I love the writing, and I just now realized that there were three mini-stories each holding the three notes Twilight wrote, and that's just genius. And Twilight fading to white, wow... I wonder what happened to Celestia? And I assume that Twilight has lived for so long because she's basically the essence of magic?

All in all, I really love it. It's amazing, great job.

#3 · Aug 28th, 2011 · · ·


Amazing,but,I always shed tears at stories like these.

Honest critique ahead!

I feel like each of the three scenarios presented were interesting in their own right, but I couldn't really get a sense of them as bound together. I'm kind of a more conflict-resolution driven reader and author, so I would have really wanted something where the scenarios presented a situation that invoked their meanings in a way that had resolution.

I can understand if that wasn't the point of such a work, and you convey the emotion in each well, but since none were drawn out and the ties were loose I was left kind of wanting. I think the Twilight scenario is written the best of all three, and the feeling of the words is the strongest (even though they don't necessarily tie into that specific story as well). Reading the words of a stranger is an interesting feeling, and certainly an inspiring idea.

Sniff... not quite the happy ending I was expecting... but still this is a good story.

#6 · Oct 1st, 2011 · · ·

manly tears...

Beautiful, despite being horribly sad. You're a very good writer :derpytongue2:

Not a fan of the Big Mac and Twi thing but amazing nonetheless. Definitely going in my faves! Love how you linked the 3 notes together over time :pinkiehappy:

I haven't cried in a long time. Thank you.

Omg!!! This is heart breaking!!! One of the best fics i read in my life! :fluttercry::raritycry:

BY THE WAY... Is this... like... A sequal to Ships Ihat Pass In The Night?

I was going to post an original reaction but EssMan009 beat me to it long ago.

very well writen, now please write us some happy fics... there's already too much sadness all around :fluttercry:

Ships That Pass in the Night...
The Three Notes...

The ending of Ships That Pass in the Night is vary powerful, and if it wasn't for the glimmer of hope it leaves you with would probably leave you sad and depressed...

The Three Notes shatters that hope, and adds even more sorrow to the story...

I openly cried after reading this. Not manly tears, full blown, head in my hands, sobbing. Only two other stories have made me cry this hard. One being My Little Dashie, and the other I don't like to talk about because( unlike My Little Dashie and these stories) its ending was so soul crushingly depressing that I actually regret reading it (that and it was grimdark which never puts me in a good mood).

In the end no matter how sad Ships That Pass in the Night and The Three Notes are they are both wonderful stories that I am glad I had a chance to read.:twilightsmile:

Scootaloo replied with a dismissive grunt. "I really wish we'd been able to choose our groups," she said, looking over at a nearby group of pegasi, "This is our last project of our last year of school. I want to be able to do it with my friends."

That paragraph punched me in the face. Hard. and the story just got more vicious from there.

To be honest, I read this expected a good ending to Ships That Pass in the Night; I did not get that. I did get an amazing, wonderful story, though, so thank you very much for that. :twilightsmile: I resent the tears though. :trixieshiftleft:

Damn. This is so sad. Amazingly written, and thank you for doing so, but damn. I need some happy now.

My god, you are a writing genius!
I am very sensitive to a story's emotional vibe and I can honestly say;The Three Notes nearly killed me from heartache. For me, you have set a new standard for Romance tragedy's.



Good sir (I call you that because you wear a monocle and are thus classy),

This fic was posted to EqD on March 4th of last year. This is the old standard for romance tragedy.


Well then, I hope to see the new standard for this genre. Any suggestions?

Creative. Imaginative. Beautifully delivered. I am going to read your other works, because this was wonderful.

...ah. That's... rare. Such a gentle sadness in a fic.

Expertly done. :pinkiesad2:

To be honest, "Ships That Pass in the Night" didn't impress me all that much the first time I read it--too O. Henry for my tastes. But this story...this really got to me. Bravo.

Wow, I wasn't expecting that. Nice job here, I really liked this one.

Oh so sad! It really made me feel bad for Twilight! :fluttercry:

Wow, that was sad...but good, good indeed. I enjoyed it(even though it was sad...Twilight has no children? Really?)
The time jump there got me a bit confused in the beginning, but it worked in the end.
I liked this one, thanks!

Reading through your old stuff.

This one kinda reminds me of "Tired", but a bit less refined. That ending bit was very nice, and I like how the story danced around the other notes' actual contents. Still, I can't help but feel that the ex-mayor's segment was a little superfluous; if some other device had been used to introduce the notes (which come to think of it the CMC bit did fairly well), her section could have been removed without losing anything.

Still, pretty good. I liked it.


Reading through your old stuff.

Oh please don't go any further back than this. My first few fics were truly horrible.

I removed everything from my Read Later list that you said some variant of "This is bad do not read for the love of all that is holy" in the description, so I shouldn't be going any further back.

Unless I change my mind...


Unless I change my mind...

On your own head be it.

Also, Rarity and the Mule is even more fetishy than Twilight, Revised, so you'll probably want to avoid that one too.

>implying I wouldn't be avoiding it because Rarity in the first place

Author Interviewer

Ow, Ebon. Right in the feels! Brilliantly put together, this is. That the last note is the only one whose contents we see lets the others speak volumes. I think I need to add you to my shortlist of unsung greats in the fandom, seriously.

Also, this totally has best ship andIdonotmeanTwiMac.

I both like and don't like this story. I like it because it is well written and going into my favorites. I don't like it because it made me think about the fact that I don't feel love for anyone, and I hate that fact.:fluttershysad: But the story is awesome.

I hate you. :ajbemused: The feels in this one is far too great.
:pinkiecrazy: I'm going loco in the coco cause of it!
Great story. :twilightoops:

didn't expect ...that. oh, my heart was broken. :pinkiesad2:(¡good job!)

... the fact that twilight didn't have children really fits into this story. I mean, ¿why would it be sad for her to find that notes if she had a husband and foals?If she had a family, it would be like when my mom talks about old boyfriends or crushes and laughs. (not saying that marrying someone else, or having foals would make you magically get over a person..it's not my point here):applejackconfused:

Just saying that ,with the current setup, its implied Twilight never got over mac...and god that's heartbreaking. She had to go to Fluttershy's wedding,go meet their foals, see them running around....

That must hurt.:applecry:

This... is so tragic! :fluttercry:

All the mane 6 except for twilight was gone. But I must admit, even if TwiMac isn't my fav ship, this is an incredible story...

*clutches heart*

Twishy BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO TWIMAC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Twilight and fluttershy belong together

:twilightsheepish: good story though

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