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Discord and his wife, Flutterbat own a hotel to for vacationing monsters and villians to keep every earth pony, unicorn, pegasus and alicorn out. But when the grand son of Princess Twilight Sparkle and his great aunty Pinkie Pie go adventuring and stumble into the hotel, what will happen and will things get worse when he falls in love with daughter of chaos?

Flutterbat is Fluttershy
Mothball is owned my DisneyFanatic2364

Rated T for safety

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Well Done.:twilightsmile: keep writing!

I like it.
*My picture comes alive*
Flutterbat: I didn´t know I was married to discord or had a child.
Me: Is it bad?
Flutterbat: OF COURSE NOT!*mad*
Me:*Cowardly runs away*

Loving This So Far :pinkiehappy: Cant Wait For More :raritystarry:

I like it so far keep up the good work :heart:

I love it :pinkiecrazy: keep writing! I love Hotel Transylvania!!

Interesting, well now I feel like Discord will say blah blah blah everytime I watch MLP


Sorry it took me so long to look at this. The story's good so far, though you have a few grammar and spelling mistakes. The most notable one is that you have trouble with tenses. You keep switching from past to present tense at odd times. In narration, you need to dedicate yourself to one.

Also, it's "courtesy," not "curtsey." A curtsey is a feminine bow.

Again, you should proofread this.

Danny belongs to me? I don't remember making a character named Danny.

I guess in your universe, ponies live for over a hundred years. But wow, Cheese Sandwich is alive! And a...party mummy?

I liked the last chapter better because you didn't take much from the movie. Be careful when doing something based on something else and try not to copy it word for word.

5755483 I try my best to write a great story due to autism

Sorry typo I meant Zany

twilight put a spell on her friends so that way they live forever by her side. I hope you think it's funny with cheese.

I will make sure to take a big note on that


Ko when's the next chapter coming I'm excited to know what happens next.:pinkiecrazy::pinkiehappy:

I will wait for an update, but I' month too patient my friend, and FYI, that's Zany, your thinking about, not Danny, please more!:heart:

5759226 KO is the next chapter coming soon please. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:

Yeah tell us when do we see the next chapter :D

I personally would like to know why and how Cheese Sandwich is here, but I'm still going to be tracking. I look forward to more chapters!

This a good "Hotel Transylvania" parody. Just mind your spelling and grammar (and let us know WHAT Cheese Sandwich has become), and you'll do great.


So yeah, I found this by accident and stuffed in to read it later..... And I have never felt so glad to have read something like this. Its interesting, while parodying 2 of my favorite things it still has its own stuff. I really want to know what happened to Cheese Sandwich if he's supposed to be dead sense 30 years ago yet is still here in the hotel, what happened with Flutterbat(shy) and the others of the mane 6......

Just so good!!!! *rolls on the floor feeling great after reading the prologue and chapter 1*, you took two things that were already beautiful by themselves and instead of rehashing it and replacing the names of characters, you shifted the story ever so slightly to make it your own while still staying true to the original source materials. I really enjoyed my read of this and hope you continue this work of art.

I hope ya have a wonderful day.

Sar Meister

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