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I'm a weirdo girl who likes writing and voice acting for ponies. Hope you enjoy reading my stories about the wacky pony show, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.


Fluttershy is alone on Nightmare Night once again and finds herself visited by an unexpected friend. This particular friends learns some interesting things about the shy mare and she learns things about the visitor that she never would have expected.
(I did post in on fanfiction.com but just blanked. I hope you like it. It is kind of sad and romantic...maybe too much for Halloween but hey, I write for romance and sweet stuff.)

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Comments ( 8 )

Odd, I see the story on FFN just fine...

5440033 Ohhh, you mean when I said blanked? I meant forget to post it on here for a long time...I blanked, not the story. lol.

Had a feeling it was something like that...


That is a very bad coincidence....:twilightoops: Good thing Discord is there for Fluttershy!...:fluttercry::yay:

A sad but sweet story indeed. Very well done!

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