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new story yaaaaay · 2:28am Nov 9th, 2016

sorry I've been gone for a long time but that's still no excuse. I've just been busy with a new story with my friend yarningchick. go read all her fanfiction right now she's amazing yarningchick's page

are story is going to be filled with fairy tales with the main 6 as the characters. by the way can you guess what the fairy tails we are going to using?

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1398891 that's OK i was to:pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy::pinkiehappy:

Okie dokie lokie
Fluttershy- N-n-no thank you . . Is Fluer Due Lies a great singer?

Madame Luna- She is no older than my daughter. The managers hired a new violinist.

And sorry, I was sleeping :twilightblush:

1398317 sorry had to do homework and i wanted to addition for madam luna and maybe fluttershy

1398218 it's fine and who do you want to audition for? I do remember all the lines :pinkiehappy:

1398218 it's okay and who will you like to audition for?I do rremember most of the lines

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