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One month has passed since Queen Chrysalis and the changelings made peace with the ponies of Equestria, but all is far from well. Hatred and suspicion run high on both sides, and several groups of ponies have begun to organize themselves in order to drive the changelings out of Equestria and back into the Badlands. Add in the return of an old enemy looking to break the fragile harmony by any means necessary, and the two races find themselves trapped between a rock and a hard place with no easy way out.

All Mirror wants is for the hatred to end. As a single changeling, she knows that she cannot change anything on her own and must rely on her Queen, swarm, and friends to help change Equestria for the better. But with so many factors working to ruin any chance of harmony and friendship between the two races, is peace truly meant to last?

A sequel story to Smoke and Mirrors. Many thanks to Amethyst Hope for the amazing cover art!

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The changeling invasion of Ponyville and the events preceding it were witnessed by many. However, how and why did it happen? Who were the key players involved? Through the eyes of General Carbon, High-General Double, and even Queen Chrysalis herself, these questions and more shall be answered in a series of tales that go as far back as the first changelings and the tragedy that created them...

A side-story compilation companion to Smoke and Mirrors.

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Part of The Royal Road Collaboration.

Pinkie Pie of Solaris is overjoyed when she receives word that she has been chosen as the new bearer of the Element of Laughter, one of the six Elements of Harmony that maintain peace in Equestria and keep the Spirit of Chaos, Discord, sealed within his stone prison. Fluttershy of Nocturne is less than pleased with the news, realizing that her role as the bearer of the Element of Kindness will result in her and the other bearers' deaths to maintain the Elements' power. Nonetheless, both are resigned to their fates as they journey to the Holy Land to enact the ritual and bring another age of peace and harmony to Equestria.

So when the ritual fails unexpectedly and Discord is freed, the peace between Harmonia, Nocturne, and Solaris is shattered and war threatens to engulf the lands. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, finding themselves lost in a world gone mad, join together in an effort to stop the wars breaking out across Equestria and to seal Discord away permanently. Along the way, these two mares will face challenges and hardships, both inside and out, and will learn what it truly means to be the Elements of Laughter and Kindness...

...Assuming they aren't killed or thrown into a dungeon first, of course.


Thanks to Manicverse for the amazing cover art!

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After the disastrous invasion of Canterlot, an injured changeling wakes up near a small cottage and is quickly discovered by two of the last ponies she ever wanted to see. Now, with the help of her new "friends," she has to remain undetected in a town high on changeling hysteria that would not hesitate to throw her in the Canterlot dungeons should her true nature be revealed.

Simple, right?

Too bad she couldn't have picked a worse form to stay inconspicuous...

Many thanks to ZuTheSkunk for the cover image!

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