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Part of The Royal Road Collaboration.

Pinkie Pie of Solaris is overjoyed when she receives word that she has been chosen as the new bearer of the Element of Laughter, one of the six Elements of Harmony that maintain peace in Equestria and keep the Spirit of Chaos, Discord, sealed within his stone prison. Fluttershy of Nocturne is less than pleased with the news, realizing that her role as the bearer of the Element of Kindness will result in her and the other bearers' deaths to maintain the Elements' power. Nonetheless, both are resigned to their fates as they journey to the Holy Land to enact the ritual and bring another age of peace and harmony to Equestria.

So when the ritual fails unexpectedly and Discord is freed, the peace between Harmonia, Nocturne, and Solaris is shattered and war threatens to engulf the lands. Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, finding themselves lost in a world gone mad, join together in an effort to stop the wars breaking out across Equestria and to seal Discord away permanently. Along the way, these two mares will face challenges and hardships, both inside and out, and will learn what it truly means to be the Elements of Laughter and Kindness...

...Assuming they aren't killed or thrown into a dungeon first, of course.


Thanks to Manicverse for the amazing cover art!

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Comments ( 20 )

I'm unfamiliar with the 'royal road collaboration' but the premise is interesting. To the read-later list!

As I said before, very nice chapter.

Twilight Sparkle approves :twilightsmile:

New story, yay! Anyway, this little project here is the second installment of the Royal Road Collaboration, and another reason as to why Smoke and Mirrors is experiencing slower updates now. Keep in mind that this will be more consistently serious than Smoke and Mirrors, but the dark tag is because of war that will be prominent later, and this will still be rather comedic because well... Pinkie Pie is a part of this. With Fluttershy. It's almost impossible to avoid comedy with these two.:twilightoops:

So, if you like this, I recommend reading the other Royal Road stories that will be coming after this in order to get the full picture and experience of this AU. Enjoy!

Yay! a new story! On my read later list:pinkiehappy: Oh, and I have no idea what the Royal Road collaboration is.:rainbowhuh:

1552894 1552934
We've been a tad underground about it all, due to shenanigans and tomfoolery :) Primarily, Tea's is the second to be released, and Gancolt, excellent writer though he is, has a fairly small following. Here's the first one, if you want to begin the large and gorgeous tapestry that shall soon unfold :pinkiehappy:
Here's the main collab page, if you want to keep up with the further updates and information :D

This is, naturally, going on my watch list... and I'll be keeping an eye on the collab, too. It looks like it's going to turn into something pretty epic by the time it's done.

this is really good... keep up the good work

Question: Is there any order these are supposed to be read in? Or can I pick any one of them up without needing to read the others?

Hmm... A map would be nice... i'm gonna try to construct a rough map and see if it's right. Since it's rough don't keep your hopes up. It's gonna be some simple lines with a top down view.:pinkiesad2:

My interpretation so far... don't think it's that accurate but at the very least I try:pinkiesad2:


I wake up to check on Tea's fic and then this happens.

Very nice map, but Solaris is east, and Nocturne is west. Also, Adagio is the capital city of Harmonia, as Erinia is the capital of Nocturne, and Valimore is Solaris's capital.

We do have set of official maps, but they won't be available until next week due to our cartographer being out of commission.

It's quite grand to see someone taking such interest in this collaboration so far. :D

1554394 Darn, oh well, I tried:derpytongue2:


Certainly a good try. It took us a matter of a week or two to get the basic map done. You did this in a half hour, and that in and of it self is a commendable effort.

Here's the fixed one... even though you already have one I wanted to correct mine anyways:pinkiesmile:

I can only imagine the heated debate gone through to decide on which goes where as well as how many cities are in it and so on. I will try to update my map regardless for the days to come:pinkiehappy:

1554288 It would be best to start off with Gancolt's since it's the Genesis of the entire collab. Other than that, I'm not sure if there is an order.


It's a real shame I can't see that image on my phone. I do so love seeing other maps of the same perceived world. I'm mostly leaving this comment here so I have a marker for when my internet comes back.

I do have to say, though, that making the map was pretty easy. Getting the right people on, all at the same time, was hard. When it came to the world holding, really, people were unofficially assigned to certain countries, and everyone else just offered tips. Still, all things were filtered through me, so in the end I didn't make the meal, I just serve it.

Can't wait.to see.your interpretation of it, though.

great, now I have ANOTHER alt verse to track.


I must say, this is one of the best Pinkies that I've read. Definitely looking forward to seeing everything unfold.

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