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This story is a sequel to The Quest for the Sapphire Stone (Daring Do #1)

Daring Do New Revision Edition Book 2

Travel back to the start of Daring Do's journey's as never told before.

Daring Do has just been appointed to Royal Canterlot University Department of Equinology when she and her best friend, Zapapple Tock, uncover a clue pointing to an ancient secret thought to be little more than myth. Venturing out into the wilds for the first time, Daring and Zapapple will soon find themselves fighting for not only their own lives, but the future of all of Equestria as they face down a strange new enemy. But as the sweet and mild bookworm fumbles her way through her first dangers, she may get more then she bargained for...

Reviews for 'Quest for the Sapphire Stone':

- Manehatten Review

"It kept me hooked from the beginning to the end!"
- Canterlot Royal Tribune

"A thoroughly entertaining read."
- Tall Tale Times

Chapters (17)
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Comments ( 22 )

“Sure thing, Dell.” Swinn

Swinn and Dell. About as subtle and Flim and Flam.

“I've been tied to a pole in some ancient castle by an honest-to-Celestia villain! I didn't really see how it could get worse!”

Just you wait.



“if its

If it's. Capital I for if.










Windigos. Again.

why is this a repeat chapter???

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You're. Your is something belonging to you, you're is you are.

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Daring though,




7498876 Thank you - fixing now.

(I don't know why this isn't more popular, it's pretty well written.)

stilling looking

still looking.

This is a great story and I can't wait for more. If the group in the airship were to meet those raptorians Storm Talon would probably not be impressed.

I'm glad to see this story has updated again. It looks like I'm the first to read it actually which is a surprise.
At one point Ahuizotl says Widnigos instead of Windigoes.
I'm wondering what Daring will do with the Spear and when the help arrives with an airship.

This was a great chapter and the arrival of reinforcements certainly took care of Ahuizotl goons. Storm Talon is a much better fighter than the griffons Ahuizotl hired which isn't exactly surprising. The fact that there are 2 chapters in this update is probably because it took so long I am glad to see this story in my update list once again.

That was a great ending for a chapter. Celestia will be able to keep the spear permanently out of Ahuizotl's hands and without any more casualties.

This was a nice ending for the adventure. It is clear that Ahuizotl survived the collapse of the castle even if Daring doesn't know that yet. It's Obvious that you named the Alicorn after Bonnie Zacherle who first came up with the idea of MLP.

This was a nice epilogue. I enjoyed this stroy greatly.

This was a nice epilogue, and it nicely explains why Daring works alone.

This really really needs more readers. Try adding it to some groups.

Zapapple Tock is not listed in the Just For Fun Tv Tropes Daring Do characters page.


While this wasn't public knowledge at the time this revision was published there is a simple reason why this book became so infamous and no it isn't for the way it ends.

The first edition of this book was out of print for years because of legal troubles about the ownership of the character Zapapple Tock. In the end they reached an agreement and the book was able to be published again while Zapapple Tock got an alternate universe miniseries.

“Who booby traps a book?” Daring thought out loud as they dodged another collapsing.

This was way before Daring Do meet a certain pony crazy about books.

“The sun and moon are moved around by a pair of princesses and there's a honest-to-Celestia lord of chaos petrified and sitting in the royal gardens.” Zapapple pointed out. “And do you remember what you said before you grabbed that book?”
Daring stopped for a moment. “...point. After you?”

As this is a second edition it was edited to include Princess Luna even if it doesn't make sence by the year the story happens in.

And so it begins, the adventure Daring Do will never ever forget.

I love reading stories that are written as books in the mlp universe. I can really imagine Twilight enjoying this as much as I did. Thanks for giving us a glimpse into a book series that (until now?) doesn't (didn't!?) actually exist.

I was slightly disappointed when I searched the story and found no reference to the phrase "winds of change".

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