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Professor of Antiquities at Pallomare University and a consulting editor at Polo House, Inc. Publishing. (Semi-retired). Occasionally goes by the pen name 'Dragontrapper'


Left alone by Octavia in the Cellist's front room, young Storm Drop finds her curiosity piqued by the piano sitting in the middle of the room. Surely they won't mind if she tried it out a little, would they?

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:rainbowkiss: Awww, how sweet. Pleeeaaase write more for this family! I beg you!

adorableness like this shoud come with a warning label:pinkiegasp:
loved it:pinkiehappy:

and do write sequel (if you want to:fluttershysad:)


well, this is sort of a sequel to another idea covering Vinyl and Tavi meeting that I still need to write. But rest assured, if I have any more sparks of inspiration I'll share them.

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