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Walk with Applejack as she shows you how she dealt with their beloved family dog's death.

Based on a true life story. Inspired when my family dog died. Not 100% accurate because my family is bigger and my family was moving a few weeks after my dog died. Not by choice though. We were going to move and then my dog died. I hope you enjoy.

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Comments ( 8 )

We are sorry about your loss bud. It really sucks whenever a pet dies. :fluttercry:

In our opinion, the story is excellent. Had us tearin up several times.

Aw, this was sad. A few grammatical errors, but those are easily cleared up. The pacing seemed different in the first half than the last, though; the first seemed a bit rushed, whereas the last was longer. I'm not quite sure how to correct this, though, since we know the dog's dead from the get-go. Being run over would be rare in a land without cars (I know they have carts and carriages, but those wouldn't be as lethal), so more surprise from the characters would help the development. Hope this helps.

Thank you. I'm glad you liked it.

Yeah it does. Thanks:twilightsmile:

5494124 Damn...I'm so sorry about your dogs...

5494124 why the heck would you put them in the FREEZER?!

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