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A group for any and all players and fans of Yu-Gi-Oh!, and the Trading Card Game.
Here, the administrators, hosts, and YouTubers, DCRS HERO and Raptormon132, will post deck profiles, updates on ban lists and upcoming support cards in upcoming booster packs, and even give advice on deck builds when and if we can. Or you can even discuss anything Yu-Gi-Oh! related.

We also encourage anyone who joins to share their deck builds of anything they like in either written down or even video in posted forums. All videos from any yugituber is welcome, whether big or small.

We also welcome any Yu-Gi-Oh!/MLP crossover stories to be posted too.

Do even support DCRS HERO and Raptormon132, and subscribe on YouTube if you have YouTube accounts of your own.

DCRS HERO: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvyrIuX3Tyb6H6bKKhfnRiA
Raptormon132: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHNy1pZMY-4Z5Kgv8s-cyFw

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