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This is a sequel to Sunset vs Bakura (If there are any spelling mistakes, or if something doesn't make sense, send me a message immediately!) After witnessing Sunset's defeat, the Dazzlings realize the is now magic in the human world. Using their own hypnotic powers, they manage to turn the school Musical Show Case into a team dueling tournament. After Sunset and the girls get a message to Twilight, she and Spike arrive to help. They soon discover that the Dazzlings are actually evil Sirens that plan to conquer the world. Can the girls sever the Siren's spell by defeating them in a duel? Or can even they even be stopped at all? Next story is The Dueling Games.

Chapters (6)
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I added links to the players names in chapter 2. Just in case you don't know the characters, or want to see their human form.

Once again you've done a masterful job of mixing the plot and scenes from EQG and the Yugi-oh setting to make a fun story. Loving this as always.

Now I want someone to write a story about rocks dueling eachother...
Looks interesting, though.

I think I'm going to stop here. I can't really get into this story since the duels all feel like rushed, one round knock outs.

Some intense battles this chapter. I expected one of the rockers to have Thunder Nyan-Nyan in their deck. Haven't seen that card in years.

7919024 She's in chapters "Round 2" and "Semi Finals".

just a few minor hiccups:

“Wanna bet?” asked Derpy. “First, I’ll equip my Bubbleman with Bubble Blaster, it gives him 800 extra ATK points. (Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman: 800 – 1600) Not to mention it also protects him from being destroyed once, blocks all battle damage from that battle. Not that he needs it, because my Battle Rush will take care of this battle, and my Blaster will handle your teammate. Attack, Neo Bubbleman!”
“No!” said Sweetie “Now my spell cards activate.” (Aquaactress Arowana: 2000 – 2600 – 5200)
Sweetie Belle LP: 0
Derpy LP: 4000

5200 - 1600 = 3600; 4000 - 3600 = 400

I play the One for One spell card. I discard a monster and special summon Ojama Green from my deck in attack mode.

last I checked, "Ojama Green" is level 2; "One for One" only lets you summon level 1 monsters...

“Ah!!” yelled Big Mac. (B.E.S. Big Core MK-3 Counters: 2)
Big Mac LP: 1600
Button Mach LP: 4000
“MK-2, finish him!” said Button. (B.E.S. Big Core MK-2 Counters: 0)

not that it makes much difference later, but that monster should still have a counter on it...

“I won’t be beaten by the likes of you,” said Silver Spoon. “First, I’ll summon Malicevorous Spoon, then I’ll discard Malicevorous Knife so I can special summon Malicevorous Fork. Now my Spoon’s effect activates, allowing me to special summon my Knife from the graveyard. I now overlay my three monsters to Xyz summon Number 96 Dark Mist!”

Why am I not surprised?

This perfectly sets up the Dazzlings for their return in "the Seal"

caught a slight error; I know it doesn't really matter in the long run but just take a look:

“Hold on,” interrupted Octavia. “I play the spell, Forbidden Chalice. This cards negates my dragon’s effects and increases its ATK points by 400 until the end of the turn. (Light End Dragon: 2100 – 2600) Now, my dragon is back to full power.

...yeah, the dragon is back to full power, I agree...but whatever happened to those extra 400 Attack Points?

Comment posted by Mr-Astounding deleted Oct 18th, 2017

Sonata used cold feet wrong it says "you cannot actigate or use any effects of any spell or trap cards this turn" and she used cards while AJ thought she couldn't, but she could you made Sonata cheat techinally

You said the first match would be between the Rainbows and team Big Bucks, and the artwork (nice touch by the way) supports this. But then Twilight's team, the Jewels, starts dueling.

Just thought I'd say something

Welcome to the modern world of Dueling. It sucks.

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