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Seattle Takes Center Stage! · 7:45pm Sunday

Been meaning to mention this for a while, since it was officially announced, but you know, been out of it.

I will be joining the community guests at Everfree Northwest next month! They thought it would be a good idea to put me on writing panels. Can't wait to prove them wrong!

Panels include: Writing into the Sunset, hosted by Oroboro. The Shipping Express, Crash Course on Creative Writing, Writer's Block, and Vexed by Villains!

It's gonna be a long weekend.

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Ah, you tomboyish and my brain removed the 'tom'. You're right though, there is a resemblance.


It's still a girl, but her name is Kaoru Seta.

I desire pics of this character! Or a name so I can google him.

Just started playing a new Japanese rhythm game and...oh my gosh, I think I just found Moondancer's princely/tomboyish double. :rainbowlaugh:

She even started talking like Moondancer, quoted Shakespeare, and flirted with a bunch of girls. I just about laughed when she started talking.

Did you forget to post another chapter for spectacular seven?

I’m glad to hear you’re gradually starting to feel better about yourself, but in case you ever feel that way again or run into bumps along your path to confidence, let me just tell you something.

Last night, I dreamt about a possible Spectacular Seven plotline.

I’ve never dreamt about any FiMFiction stories other than my own, so know that you were the first user to motivate my mind outside of my waking hours. That just goes to show how great you and your stories are. :twilightsmile:

Cool. Been doing a lot of shifts lately. Got some time off coming up, looking forward to that.

Honestly any Hamilton song is a good song

It's been... eh, alright. Taking a break from writing for a little bit. Playing lots Overwatch.

I really appreciate that. I hope your writing goes well!

I keep forgetting to move onto the next song in the playlist. But thank you!

  • Viewing 696 - 705 of 705
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