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My resolution is to write 30,000 words a month! An undertaking for sure! You can keep track of my progress here!

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Well, once upon a time, I had an order of which I would write my stories. That went out the window. So here's just how far along I am with them. I've now decided to add the word count as well.
Ice Iris Chapter 2: 100%

Class Zero Chapter 3: 50%

Spectacular Seven Vol. II: Complete. Now in editing.

Across the Shimmering Sea Chapter XII: 13%

Double Sun Daze Chapter 9: 0%

Sunset of Time Completed.

Long Road to Friendship Completed.

Firebird Dahlia Completed.

Sunlight Complete

Can You Guess Who Best Pony is?

Here Comes the Sunlight


End of the Month Progress: January · 3:27am February 1st

I edited...

That's about it.

Details below!

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I'm very glad I could reignite your love! And I hope I can continue to put out pleasing stories!

So I stopped watching the show and participating in the fandom after season 4, but the other day I randomly remembered Long Road to Friendship and the promise of a sequel. I am so glad that I binge read Spectacular Seven volume 1. It was so good. Thank you for reigniting my love for the show and your work. I can't wait for more!

Dawww!! <3

that's the most cutest profile picture of Sunset Shimmer ever! <3

Hey man glad to see you back at it loved sunset of time when i first read it a few years back also loved long road to friendship and just all you work really keep at it man

Glad college is going great for you! I'm working on a Masters now myself. And welcome back to the wonderful world of fanfiction.

It's going well, really enjoying university (although I will admit the topic we just finished was kinda shitty) and I'm strongly considering attempting to try the whole writing thing again some time soon. Just got back into FanFiction and looking forward to reading some of my old favourites again, and maybe draw the inspiration to write my own thing.

Had some ups and downs, but I'm on the up again. Writing is always a thing, so that's good. You?

Hey, long time no see!

How've you been?

yep, it sure is something that Hasbro is making things come true in canon material from the Fanbase <3

  • Viewing 679 - 688 of 688
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