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Fan Stuff! · 7:05pm January 25th

In an unexpected twist, Sunlight is quickly gaining as much fan work as Long Road to Friendship. You guys really like your vampires, don't you?

Wubcake, responsible for the audio reading of Sunlight, and her friend Remember Falling have put out a new song dedicated to the story!

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Congratulations on 2000 followers! You deserve it!

Congrats on 2000 followers!

Happy Sunset Shimmer Day bud <3 :heart:

Yeah, all the money covers shipping and production costs. It's just a labor of love. I'm thinking about opening a tip jar of some sorts. Maybe next year.

Glad you feel interested about adding it, I'll make sure to catch the next change.
D_Vixie feels happier about it ^3^.

That's great to hear, I'll order it soon enough.
I remember you saying you don't receive any profits from the selling?
Because I wouldn't mind tip you an extra (more than a small tip ;).

Thanks a lot 💛❤

  • Viewing 730 - 739 of 739
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