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Spectacular Seven Volume III · 10:14pm Tuesday

One last vacation together. Make it count, girls.

A little insight on the third volume of Sunset's long tail, with release schedule and a start date which I'm sure will make you all very happy.

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Happy Sunset Shimmer Day bud <3 :heart:

Yeah, all the money covers shipping and production costs. It's just a labor of love. I'm thinking about opening a tip jar of some sorts. Maybe next year.

Glad you feel interested about adding it, I'll make sure to catch the next change.
D_Vixie feels happier about it ^3^.

That's great to hear, I'll order it soon enough.
I remember you saying you don't receive any profits from the selling?
Because I wouldn't mind tip you an extra (more than a small tip ;).

Thanks a lot 💛❤

Regarding Class Zero, a little of both. It didn't quite get the readership I was hoping for, and I was constantly busy with Spectacular Seven that I couldn't give it the attention it deserved. So, better to shelve it for now and give it the full attention it needs later.

And I would love to use your avatar in my little art gallery. I switch out pieces every six months, so I'll be sure to include it in the next batch! And yes, you can order a copy of a colored version of Long Road to Friendship from the Ministry of Image. Just check some of my old blogs about the print runs for a link.

I enjoy remembering each release of the last chapters for Spectacular Seven, and how much you've worked for this story.
Then, as your highest priority, no matter what, how long or much you'll release, I'll be glad being present and witnessing it's return again.

When you said that Class Zero didn't launch with the attention you were hoping for, coming from us or the story in itself?
At least you're considering it as important as Spectacular Seven, but I kinda feel bad that it is at the end of your priority list.
But hey, it is your decision, with how you're planning everything what comes in the future for you and then us, and I shouldn't be complaining when you promised* us a story for the Oroboro's Sunset Shipping Contest.

*: Promised is rather strong. Only, that is, if you have time of course.

I was completly satisfied with the chapter of The Maker's Reject, and glad that you want to keep up with great interest.

For the others stories, it's fine I guess. They've entertained me, but I'm not so sure being hyped as much as, for example, Across the Shimmering Sea, which is above.
Still, they're as good as I expect anything from you ;)

I don't know if you're interested, but I'm proposing you my actual icon (made by @D_Vixie), for adding it into your pile of Fav Pony Girl pictures on your bio.
Even if the commission "belongs to me", I asked her permission first (https://twitter.com/Maldarach/status/1037808003334979586?s=19).
Coming from me, I wouldn't mind at all. So you're clear about both permissions, and free to add it, if you want. 💛❤

Does hard copies of Long Road to Friendship are still available?

Keep going with everything you've done so far.
It's a pleasure to read from and have found someone as dedicated as you.

It's finally here! I'm torn between taking it everywhere I go to be reading at all times and putting it back on the air-tight plastic wrap it came on and putting on display as the pride of my pone collection for all time.

Mr. Albinocorn, I’m such a fan of your stories. It gave me such a fan girl moment to see you put my story in your First Order folder. :twilightblush:

I hope you end up liking it when you have the chance to read it. Your input would be a big help to my progress as a beginning writer.

  • Viewing 726 - 735 of 735
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