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GAZE UPON MY VISAGE! · 5:21am July 24th


Firimil was kind enough to surprise me completely out of the blue with a new picture of Ivory Coat, AKA me as a pony. It's really, really great! That is one handsome stallion!


Go check her stuff out on Deviantart! Ta for now!

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Mr. Albinocorn, I’m such a fan of your stories. It gave me such a fan girl moment to see you put my story in your First Order folder. :twilightblush:

I hope you end up liking it when you have the chance to read it. Your input would be a big help to my progress as a beginning writer.

Sunset is best pony. I just felt like sharing that with you.

Cheers :-D

No problem. Glad you enjoy it!

Dude my Long Road to Friendship book came in today and it looks so gorgeous!


Thanks for the fave!

For my personal benefit. I think if my eyes stopped desperately looking at the upvote/downvote ratio, I'll stop comparing myself to others and be happier in the long run.

Is everything all right? I saw that a few of your stories have had their ratings disabled.

Writing something noises

Nah. Just be yourself. I follow friends.

But if you did write something...

Now I really do have to put something good out there...

  • Viewing 717 - 726 of 726
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