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Don't Call it a Comeback · 12:13am February 6th

Kicks door down!

I have new chapters of Spectacular Seven and it's about to be everyone's problem!

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I just finished re-reading your story "Birthrights and Love. " I do hope that you will continue this great story.

This is amazing! Thank you for letting me know! I’m gonna put it on my front page as soon as I get back to my proper computer!

Hey, Albi! Lord--Opal on DA made a piece of fanart of your work. Specifically, the Halloween costumes from Long Road to Friendship! Oh, and they wanted to give you their thanks for your beautiful work. ^__^

MLP: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Lord--Opal on DeviantArt

Coming each month here to see if there's activity, and I won't stop.

I’m a bit late but for all your physical pony book needs then visit Ministry of Image.

They already made LRTF a physical release https://www.ministryofimage.net/product-page/long-road-to-friendship

If you write it, I'll definitely read it. I love it!

None of my stories are ever really ‘canceled’. Some just have a higher chance pf updating than others. I would like to continue Birthrights and Love, but it is a lower priority and also depends on my mood

Birthrights and Love is an awesome story! Has it been canceled?

Is there any way to buy the physical copy of LRTF?

  • Viewing 784 - 793 of 793
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