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Spectacular Seven Day! · 11:54pm Last Monday

So, Spectacular Seven is... seven years old today! godammitimoldthisstoryisoldwhyisntitdoneyetthiswassupposedtobefinishedliketwoyearsagowhhyyy
Boy, where does the time go?
I was totally not paying attention to the date, and even if I was, well... I wasn't gonna do anything.

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Everfree '23 · 11:16pm July 31st

I'm going home to Seattle to attend my favorite convention! I'll be at Everfree Northwest from August 10th to the 13th. Not only that...

I'm back on a panel, Baby!

Me, Oroborous, and Amber Spark will be hosting a Sunset panel on Saturday at 10 AM! How Sunset changed our lives! The three of us are... radically different from when we started writing her to where we are now.

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Raise a Glass · 6:58am May 3rd

Let's toast to stories finished, stories ongoing, and stories left slumbering.

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Don't Call it a Comeback · 12:13am February 6th

Kicks door down!

I have new chapters of Spectacular Seven and it's about to be everyone's problem!

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Soon... · 3:51am January 30th

And I mean it this time...

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Come bug me · 2:54am Aug 24th, 2022

I'll be at Everfree Northwest again this year. This time, my badge will have my pony face on it courtesy of Amber Spark!

Come and pester me to write Spectacular Seven! Seriously, it'll guilt me into working harder!

I'm trying guys I swear

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Giving my Marefriend a Little Boost · 7:49pm Jun 3rd, 2022

Hello, friend!

Amber Spark could use a little help if you can afford it. Her life is about to undergo some major changes, most notable moving from Socal to the Portland area, and money is extremely tight. You can read more about on her GoFundMe Page.

She did not make this lightly and understands if or why you can't help. But any help is appreciated not just by her but by me as well.

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Proof of Product · 3:43am May 3rd, 2022

So, I don't normally do this, but I hate going so long without giving you guys anything story-related. So, to prove that the next chapter of Spectacular Seven does exist in some form, I'm going to give a rare sneak preview. It might not be substant in length, but the content should satisfy some of you.

Self-deprecating comment here

Please enjoy below the break.

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An update · 9:09pm Mar 22nd, 2022

This story will only die when I do. (Don't read into that.)

Hi guys, just posting an update to let you all know I'm still around. Progress is admittedly... very slow right now. My current job is... taxing on my mental health and energy. It doesn't leave me with much when I get home and on my off days, I would much rather fully relax with a video game or show than write. I am trying to turn that around, be a little more disciplined in my writing, and also trying to find a new job.

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Another End to Another Year · 4:08am Jan 1st, 2022

It's funny, our species' need to measure everything. We clocked our little planet's rotation around the sun and measured every second, every minute, every hour, every day. And once again, we're here, watching the final hours of another year slip away.

I hope you guys had a... decent 2021. Mine was a rollercoaster of good and bad. I would like to think the good outweighs the bad. But, it's a rather melancholy night for me. Still, there's always next year to look forward to.

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