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No one alive today can say where she came from; simply that she has always been there.

And yet, few ponies have had a greater impact on Princess Celestia's life than Raven, her most faithful aide.

Inspired by and based off of a headcanon put forth by Heir-of-Rick, though perhaps a bit less insidious than what he had in mind. He very kindly provided an alternate version of his image for me to use as my cover image! Text added by me.

All comments and criticism very welcome!

Featured in the Royal Canterlot Library! Go there to read the interview for some behind-the-scenes info on this story!

Chapters (10)

If the sirens had their way, they would have divided and conquered all of Equestria. But a certain Star Swirl the Bearded wasn't having it. Rumor has it he found a way to banish them to another world – one where he believed their magic power would be lost. That world must have been the one where my Canterlot High friends live.

But Star Swirl must have sent them there ages ago. How come they're just surfacin' now?

A cursory look at the sirens' thousand years of history in the human world before the events of Rainbow Rocks. With apologies to Kim Stanley Robinson.

Absolutely no connection to Death and the Dazzlings.

Chapters (1)

"How could somepony as amazing as you not have a Special Somepony on Hearts and Hooves Day?"

With that single sentence, a thousand memories came flooding back to Cheerilee. A thousand memories of a thousand terrible dates...

Chapters (59)

Four years ago Vinyl and Octavia broke up. It was messy, painful and left scars on both of them. Four years on, now one of the most successful DJs in Equestria’s history, Vinyl receives news that Octavia has been in a terrible accident. The doctors say she may never recover from her coma, but Vinyl refuses to believe them. There are all sorts of stories about coma patients who are brought back by the voice of someone they care about, right? No matter what anypony else says, offers or threatens, and no matter what it costs her personally or professionally, she is determined to stay by Octavia’s side and do all she can to wake her.

But four years is a long time, and no matter how many fairytales end with the princess waking up, real life owes no-one a happy ending.

Featured on EQD - 3rd August 2013

Now with a fabulous dramatic reading by the even more fabulous Goombasa!
Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

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Twilight Sparkle has hit a wall in her studies. So when she is tasked by Princess Celestia with joining an expedition on a faraway island, she can't help but see it as a form of punishment. Nevertheless, she packs her bags and heads to Baltimare, one of Equestria's many port cities. It should have been simple: find a ship offering passage and pay them to take her to Haven. She soon learns, though, that ponies are afraid of the unknown waters past Eternity's Crossing. Despite her best efforts, she is unable to find a ship willing to take her there. That is, until she meets Captain Rainbow Dash.

Brash and enigmatic, Rainbow Dash, along with her crew, are the only ones willing to ferry Twilight on the waters of the Forgotten Sea. She expects six months of quiet travel that will allow her to continue her studies. What she gets is an adventure which makes her realize that, when sailing the high seas, the line between right and wrong is never as clear as it seems.

(Featured on EQD as of 4/28/13
A huge thanks to Breath of Plagues and Amacita, who are amazing editors.
Credit is also due to psychicscubadiver and Zeta040 for pre-reading.)

Chapters (5)

Dear Diary,

I have selected my new name for this job: "Fleur De Lis."

The target's name is Fancy Pants. He's rich, he's well-known, and most importantly, he's single. This is going to be a breeze.

Chapters (1)

Filthy Rich lives up to his name. But he didn’t get rich and stay rich by wasting money on stuff he sees as unnecessary. So when his home accidentally burns down he doesn’t bother with a hotel, he simply asks a favour of the family his family have had a long standing business partnership with; the Apples.
So until the insurance is paid and the house rebuilt, Diamond Tiara and Apple Bloom are sharing a bedroom.

Chapters (11)

The Ponyville Playhouse presents a bold and inspiring new interpretation of the immortal classic, Hearth's Warming Eve. Music! Adventure! Intrigue! And a few surprises!

During the pause between Seasons Three and Four, let's remember where we began and how much our friends have grown.

Chapters (6)

It was supposed to be Trixie's vacation, a soul searching trip to Ponyville. Instead she found herself in a town full of crazy, enthralled ponies, the result of Twilight becoming corrupted by a mysterious amulet.

Managing to escape conversion, she set out to form a resistance movement. It's off to a great start. She already has Fluttershy.

(Genre-deviating sequel to Hostile Takeover)

Chapters (5)
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